21:9 vs 16:9

A monitor is a long term investment compared to the VGA card and the CPU/MB, it is important to get the right choice.
In an earlier post I asked for advice regarding a 34” widescreen monitor as well as told about my experience with a borrowed example.

With my resent pc upgrade the monitor upgrade is getting nearer and I am getting doubts.
During my test with the 34” 3440x1440 (21:9) monitor I noticed that the field above the cockpit felt a bit narrow, and I was wondering if a 3840x2160 on a 32” (16:9) would be a better choice?

Any thoughts?

Difficult to say very personal choice…

i was watching closely 3 monitor setups tilted vertically instead of the classic horizontal setup…

also i’m lurking this from some time
Acer XB271HU Predator Monitore IPS, 27", WQHD (2560 x 1440), HDMI, USB 3.0, color: Nero e Rosso

very interested in the g-sync tech…

ouh! I forgot to tell that I have a serious limitation in my choice. The WAF factor.
Not as much in the design of the monitor, but more in the number of monitors.
My old Ergotron stand have migrated to my workplace as “She” is not a fan of multiple-monitor in the living-room :confused::p:roflmao:
Somthing I find hard to undestand with all the yarn and half-finishedf crochet-project laying about :confused::confused::confused:
But It was not that big a sacrifice at the time, as two of the three monitor have died :frowning:

So only one monitor! But she did not specify the size,…and size DOES matters :rolleyes:

I recognize the problem, though I do have 2 monitors on my desk, they are not connected to the same computer and the one for the server is mostly used for her to put post-it notes on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, while I haven’t tried flying on anything wider then my 24" 16:9 Full-HD monitor, I think going wider is probably bad use of resources as we are looking a lot in the upwards direction while flying. As you said:

…I noticed that the field above the cockpit felt a bit narrow…

But I’m very interested in hearing what you end up doing. I have started to think about changing monitor myself, though I’m not sure if the faults I find the present one is real or just imaginated (fading colours is the one I’m least sure about; size, resolution and lack of freesync is facts).

Could you please write the brand/model?
I would really like to know which brands/models to stay clear of.

I doubt you’re looking at old (5 years maybe) 24" Philips monitors, so you don’t need to worry. :wink:
In all fairness it was not expensive, and it have done good service so far despite it’s shortcomings (apart from the color, that might be imagined).

I’ve got Acer 27" G sync, more than happy with it check it out Starfire


Although they have a newer one here