1st game freeze and crash, now freeze and hard reset

1st had problems with crash, so I did what most would do. Steam file check, windows file check, no unofficial mods, etc, etc. And now game freezes and I need to perform hard reboot.

Can You send me the log file? Is under DCS mai folder. Also, You have done some windows updates recently? Or worst You have some update pending? You have Windows 10 or 11?And wich build? (menu start/options/System /Info
You have made some GPU drivers update recently? I need info to help You Rob…

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First it was possible to use the mouse to restart
After trying everthing to solve “GetDeviceRemovedReason” I now get Freeze and need to hard reboot.
It doesn’t send a crash notification or error message just crashes and that’s that…
I have windows 10, everything is updated beginning april.
how van i send you a log file, I can only upload jpeg here?
my system with Graphics Radeon ™ RX 480 8g

thank you so much.

send the log file (zipped if is big) to garagano@gmail.com
Send me also the driver version of the GPU, need to check one thing.

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Rob, from what I see from Your log files You have a lot of DX Error on numeros obj, P-51 textures, Tree Textures, some Obj…
Have You done a complete clean and repair?
I suggest You do it via DCS Updater Utility

Once Installed You need to locate Your DCS ED folder and then You can proceed to clean (first) and repair.
After this delete under Saved Games DCS Openbeta folder the two subfolder fxo and metashader.
Check then if You have any Windows Update (.NET framework over all) and eventually made it.
Last but not the least Your GPU drivers are outdated, here You can download the latest version or the last WHQL


I’ll get right on it

Let me know. :+1:

question, does this also work if I have DCS through STEAM?
found my answer, doesnt work with Steam, think i just bneed to remove it and than reinstall it?

Ah right…You have it under Steam…so the utility didn’t work.
You can only use the tools under Steam so…
I prefer a standalone installation but a lot of people use it under Steam without problems…

no worries, I am now reinstalling the whole thing
cheers and thank you for advice

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Remeber that You can copy Your saved game folder and then retake all the config (mapping nd others) from there.

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oeps :sob:

found the save game folders in my recycle bin :laughing:


phew! :rofl:

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