132° Gruppo Stormo Baltimore, attack on Senj, Croatia, February 1945

I am working on a book about aerial attacks on Senj, Croatia, during WWII.
According to my information, it is possible that Senj Harbour was bombed on 20th - 22 th February 1945 by 132° Gruppo Stormo Baltimore.
Maybe somebody have information (operation record book , report, etc.) about this attack or maybe photos of this aerial attack on Senj?
I found description of this attack on this site: http://www.eaf51.org/newweb/Documenti/Storia/Erasi.pdf (Page 11, at the bottom).
I also found information about this attack on site:
On that page also has a picture of attack on Senj, which was incorrectly labeled as “Bombardamento di Volinja ad opera del Baltimor del T.Col Moci”. I think the date is also wrong in this picture.
Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for your post.
Sorry I have not any additional news for you.

Unfortunately the only person to whom we could ask, the last Italian Baltimore bomber pilot, General Roberto Crespi, 132° Gruppo, callsign “Grappa 10”, died last summer in August. Some of us had the pleasure and the honour to visit him at his home during the last two years before he died.