109 ammo explanation

Finally, I found this, really helpful…I mean…for me:bootyshk:

SmK - ammunition was AP (armour piercing) with a hard steel core and a lead sleeve (pointed ball with core)
Anything with the suffix ‘L’spur’ means tracer. The SmK H has a tungsten core. (better penetration)

The SmK ub m is the HE (high explosive) version. The Zerl part indicates it was equipped with a self destruct fuse.

PmK is basically the SmK with phosphorous that ignigtes on firing.

The ‘B’ round is an observation round, small ammount of HE and incendiary material, similar to the British Dixon/De wilde.

The second lot in the load out list are a bit harder… They are all 20mm rounds that were used as tracer for the mineshell round, as there were no mineshell tracer rounds. The ‘panzer’ ones are either HE or AP and the ‘brand’ ones are incendiary.

The LW tended to load up with AP for the eastern front (those damn IL-2’s!) or HE for the British and American planes.