102nd Yugoslav Squadron - The SEOW Story

Hello, guys!

I`ve just dropped by to say hallo to our trusted friends and allies!

Also, I made one promotional video of 102nd Yugoslav Squadron, dedicated to our participation in SEOW campaigns. This video is based on actual actions of our Squad members in SEOW campaign “Marianas 1944” and few intro sequences from announcement of SEOW campaign “Operation Overlord 1944” made by =gRiJ=Petr. Since we fought side by side in this campaign and together achieved this great victory, I thought you might like to see this video, too.

It`s a little long, but I hope interesting video.




Hi Mornar!

yes it’s very long (i saw it skipping some parts) but very interesting!!!

Ty for sharing!!!

It is indeed a well made and great video Mornar, I am sure some EAF and IAF star in that video too :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I`m really glad you like it


When someone said long, I diden’t really believe them.
Very nice.