1.8 troubles

I’ve now re-downloaded 4.09m and UP1.8 and tried once more

I checked that 4.08m ran ok ingame and then 4.09m ran ok ingame

After installing 1.8 I’m getting again the Russian GUI

I only enabled from JSGME (version the 01_Zuti_DSMod_v1.0_UP mod

Any ideas please chaps? I’ve now done this four or five times with the same result

UP1.8 I downloaded from Splash’s link, from crosquadron, 4.09m from a Ubi link

Window 7 Home Premium

When the 1.8 ran the installer it unzipped everything to a folder in my User/BlahBlah/AppData/Temp/SomeCrypticFolderName

This seems weird because that AppData folder isn’t at all designed for this sort of function (it’s for games saves) so Win7 must be suspect I think, but that’s as far as I’ve got, need a lie down in a darkened room :slight_smile:

When I tried to find the folder that UP1.8 was using as the temporary install folder, it doesn’t appear to exist… but then again I can… hmm

In the shot below it explains why I have no C:/Users…/AppData folder, there’s one on my G: drive

But there is no content in the folder in the G:\Users…\Appdata folder

Hmm my drives have changed their drive letters since the Win7 install

I have no AppData in my Users folder. That can’t be right. The shot shows a folder but the explorer can’t see the folders found even though the address of the folder looks ok, how could it find something that it then says does not exist?

I’ve reached the end of my suspicious and existential trail. Google’s due for a hammering :slight_smile:


Will try dropping in the 1.8 files by hand next, it’s got a suspicious installer under Win7 maybe and the 1.8 files are never getting there


Ah Show Hidden Folders is why the mystery about the seemingly-empty folder

But anyway :slight_smile: this time dragging the contents of the (renamed to dot rar) first 1.8 file (was dot exe) results in a better-looking folder target on my C: drive


Bypassing the installer

Post it on please Classic? Ta mate :slight_smile:


i guess you already executed “client_install.bat” after extract UP18
right ?

i guess you already executed “client_install.bat” after extract UP18 right ?

<sits up and takes notice> :slight_smile:

Thanks Radar, no I didn’t mate

I did it now in the folder and I still get the Russian splash screen, then Il-2 shuts down after a second or two

I only enabled from JSGME (version the 01_Zuti_DSMod_v1.0_UP mod

Trying again now, I enabled only 4.09m (shot below) and now the GUI is English and 4.09m, the sim runs ok and everything seems normal for 4.09m official

Sounds like the switcher isn’t doing its thing properly perhaps. I wonder if I can bypass the switcher and copy UP1.8 files in by hand? I can get the switcher-version later but getting a compatible online version is my priority

A list of files that make up - UP1.8 with the Zuti mod enabled - would be useful

I’m off work this week so I have time to work this out with your help please if you also have some spare time chaps, I’m champing at the bit


don’t loose hope Ming :wink:

i did this way

  • opened UP1.8.exe with 7z
  • drag&dropped the content over a 409m installation
  • executed client_install.bat

then i sadly suggest you to start from scratch over a 409m
( i know its boring and pissing… believe me: i did it hundred times last weeks while trying to join stock UP sessions with my almost fixed one )

for enter MDS servers 01_Zuti_DSMod should be enough

i’m busy as usual but
as usual its my intention to give all the support i can mate :wink: