03/02 RoF

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Sorry chaps, working. :frowning:


sorry guys, I’m out of country…perhaps next week :slight_smile:

Im in Brigs

Sorry chaps, I’m not available for the next couple of weeks.


Remarks on flight and hostile aircraft

This mission was flown by Plt Off Puff
Plt Off Brigstock

The mission was flown from Mont St. Eloi aerodrome.

Successes include the following:
Fokker Dr.I shot down by Plt Off Brigstock
Fokker Dr.I shot down by Plt Off Brigstock
Halberstadt CL.II shot down by Plt Off Puff

As it was just myself and Puff we tested an escort Mission.

We were to escort some RE8’s from No-mans land south of Arras to Lens.

We eventually found the RE8’s very low where we expected to find them (with some DR1s in tow)
However the RE8’s refused to budge after we found them and just kept flying in circles.

PWCG bug I think.

Back to Patrols :frowning: