Zoom in/out with a Hotas button

Came across this post: http://www.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/boards/bbs/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=144;t=003002

in SIMHQ (read Waldo Peppers post) and gave it a try. And it works a treat. I now have a smooth zoom in/out mapped to the mouse stick on my X45 Throttle:- mouse forward = zoom in, mouse back = zoom out.

It should work for the X52 and any other joystick/throttle that uses profiling software.


I have all view changes mapped to my thumb-stick on my MSFFB2 - it’s really good for keeping SA in combat. Thoroughly recommend it :slight_smile:

Stick forward - full zoom in
Stick back - full zoom out
Stick left - middle zoom
Stick right - gunsight / cockpit view toggle

I have all view changes mapped to my thumb-stick on my MSFFB2 - it’s really good for keeping SA in combat. Thoroughly recommend it

me too, plus the command for flaps up/down

WB, I did wonder what you were talking about last night.

I have that mapped, in game, to my hat button on the JoyStick, push forward = zoom in, pull back = zoom out.

Oh and on the same button, left is toggle gun-sight view (need that for Mossies now, as well as German types), and right is mirrors.

I’ve had that so long, I never thought it would be unusual.

(Could do with more hat buttons - for trim … )

Yes Painter, I had my FOV Toggle mapped to the trigger on my MSFFB2 which toggled between zoom, mid zoom and fully zoomed out. Whenever I toggled it I would sometimes lose sight of what I was looking at because of the large step in the zoom process. I did it this way because I couldn’t get the profiling software to work with the FFB2.

Having seen the above mentioned posts I switched the zoom feature over to the mouse stick on my X45 throttle and, using the profiling software, I was able to zoom in/out using each 10degree (i think it is?) FOV step to achieve an almost smooth zoom.

Like you, I also have gunsight view and mirrors mapped to a left/right switch on my throttle.

Gotta love these controllers with multple shift states etc. With just the mouse stick on my X45 I have

Mode1: flaps and zoom control
Mode2: engine management - mixture and supercharger
Mode3: engine management - wep and cowl flaps

Additionally, my throttle controls elevator and rudder trim, undercarriage, comms, multi engine ops (inc feather and fire extinguisher macros), bombs and rockets and of course, guns, either MG, cannon or both.

Now if I could just figure out a way to get my unused X45 stick to feed me beer while I’m flying I would have the ultimate HOTAS. :smiley:


In italy we have a very secret device wich steals grappa from wep methanol equipped engines and inflate it in the pilot cabin…:D:D

i tired it also in a p47 but bleah it was water…:rolleyes::rolleyes: