While we wait for Storm of War...

Anyone else with Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory notice this?


Apparently they have got the MP part of BoB2 working and are now doing regular beta testing using the historical co-op missions…

That means skies absolutely black with Heinkels while you and your mates plunge though these formations in a couple of Hurris and fight for your lives!

I uninstalled this after (pre-dual core, pre 8800GT) loading problems which now my rig will cope with, but this sounds interesting…

I know mate ;)…been testing this quite a bit !

Well - don’t keep us in the dark…:wink:

Does it work? Any lag-stuttering?

How many people can fly online at the same time?

Is it IP-to-IP or have they got it to work with HL…?

We need combat reports!:smiley:

This is one thing that stopped me playing, not much fun flying about on your tod once you’re been spoilt by squadron flying. They missed a trick with that I thought. Did look lovely, but I must admit the IL2 soundmod, bob channel map, compans textures and Spit Mk1 v E1 are tough to beat. Storm of War will have a challenge to better it, which is good for us.

I did like their FM for the Spit, harder to take off and land and flying against real pilots would be fun I bet.

I’ve had WoV for a long time… played it with the various upgrades and additions etc. Visualy it got better, but it just lacks that something… hard to define really, but I stopped playing it last year as the mod scene in IL2 has now left it far behind…