What to do?

Hey guys,

I got a little problem, I have only money for 1 game and I decided to buy Call of Duty 4 since I know it’s really a good game, but someone told me Call of Duty 5 was also comming soon (and yes it is, this week) so now I dont know which one to buy, because there is no demo of 5 to look if its as good as 4. Someome please help me on my descision :confused:

Call of Duty 4 :banana:

and what are your arguments? :slight_smile:

It’s already out, get it cheap, play it (online is awesome), when tired of it you would have saved up for COD 5

well… its not cheaper then 5, thats a little bit weird, anyway about the rest you could be right.

Or simply buy ARMA instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay I have made up my mind, it has become call of duty 4