Website Trouble

Really annoying problem developed on my home PC, strangely only affects the one site, that site is the AirForce War site. The whole AW site runs so slowly for my home PC that it is unusable. Every other aspect of the PC is working fine, every other website I visit is also working fine but the AW site is dead for me. Anyone got any ideas as to what I can do about this or what may be causing the trouble?

That’s strange, it seems to be working ok for me, not lightning fast, but not slow either. Same both in IE and Firefox for me.

Have you tried dumping your cache? What browser are you using, and do you get the same if you try another?

Have you tried dumping your cache?

How please? I am an IE noob.

BTW I using IE v6, going to try firefox tonight.

Out of interest try this -

Start > Run type command and OK to bring up a DOS box
At the prompt type
ping and enter

This should resolve the AirForce War site at

Any other IP and you have an out-of-date address and are waiting for a redirect - as Mikke says, you need to clear your browser cache.

For IE (looks up “Work of the Devil” manual) take a look here …

Clearing the cache of The Devil’s Browser

For Firefox it is under Tools > Options, or there is a quick cache clear under Tools > Clear Private Data …

Hmm, I don’t remember exactly how it was done in IE6, should be something like Tools - Internet Options - Advanced (or even on the first tab). Remove all files from cache (something like that).

While I have some minor objections against IE7, I don’t have any problems with it.

Edit: PeeGee was faster. :slight_smile:

Ok I cleared the cache and temp. files and still no improvement. I also used firefox which although has actually allowed me to view pages each one still takes far too long to display. IE still does not even load the site. Every other site still works fine.

Someone mentioned some sort of Trojan on the AW site, does anyone have any info about that?

Ok tried to run spybot and it crashes everytime I attempt a scan, re-installed it and tried again but with the same results.

Screeny below, is that a sure sign that my PC is infected with something?

Not good at internet stuff, but I had Spybot, but now I have a much better tool which is free as well. Don’t know if you have it already, but you should try AVG 7.5

A really great, free antivirus, antispam, antispyware, you name it. I had some hidden trojans on my pc, which my BOUGHT spybot didn’t detect, but AVG did. try it out, maybe he find it (if you have any at all)?:slight_smile:

Someone mentioned some sort of Trojan on the AW site

I had a good look at what was on the site but I didn’t see anything that gave me immediate concern. It does run one Java Script…
…but that does what it says on the tin, not picking up anything malicious.

I have used Spybot S&D for years, and if it is falling over big time then there is a serious issue behind it. Take a look at the Microsoft Knowledge Base for the issue

Microsoft Knowledge Base for Exception Processing Message c0000013

There are 1,001 theories and not too many answers, but I suggest you look at the circumstances in which other people have had this and see if anything rings any bells with your system or any recent changes.

Number 1 priority at this stage has got to be a full virus scan. Get you AV fully up-to-date, crank all the settings up to maximum and let it run. This may take a long time, so if you do it overnight you may have to allow it to “fix and carry on” with any problems it finds, if so see if you have the option for it to write to a log that you can view later.

There is a fair arsenal of weaponry we can bring to bear on this, but do the AV first and see what it throws up.

Managed to read through the AW forums this morning, very slowly but I found the thread discussing the AW site trojan

I’ll do the AVG thing

Curious. I surfed back and forwards through the AW site - English and Russian - using Internet Explorer hoping to trigger something, but came up with a big zero. Then I set my Avast! AV to the most rigorous settings and scanned my Temporary Internet Files, still nothing.

Then I opened up the search to C:\ Documents & Settings \ Phil … and let it trawl through that, suddenly bang a whole load of dormant Adware, Trojans and some suspicious .exe installers. Since the file downloads dated back to 2006 I would have ignored them … except that they were all in amongst old downloaded EIF mission files - in other words, they had all been released from a variety of files, the same that czechwar, EIF and ( I assume ) Airforce War all use.

Still investigating, but I am not a big believer in coincidence … :wink:

In case anyone else wants to check their downloaded mission folders, these were the infected files and associated malware that appeared to have unpacked from mission files

freemoticonextender2.exe -----(no virus)
Emoinstaller.War.EmoPack.exe -----Win32:Adware-gen -----(Adware)
FreeMyEmoticonsUK.exe -----Win32:VB-AUX -----(Trojan)
Install-Emoticon-Pack.exe----- Win32:Adware-gen----- (Adware)