Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

…cos it’s a vile green colour!

I have just installed a Swiftech H2O 120 watercooling kit into my case. The premise for the Kit was to reduce noise and temps. I have a reasonably good O/C on my CPU now and the temps were alright but not brilliant. However my system had so many fans it hovered a couple of inches off of my desk.

After a torrid afternoon leak testing and faffing around. I have now got all the said gubbins into my case. So far I’m dissappointed with the noise levels, they are slightly less but not by much, certainly not enough for what I paid. But…the temps are superb, idling at 31 now and had reached 41 at full load, that on a V-Core of 1.55. Easily 10 degrees down on my aircooling. I don’t expect to get any more out of my current CPU as it isn’t the best stepping for a Winnie 3200 but 2.4gig is respectable for now.

Installation was a breeze albeit time consuming, what with leak testing and the like and the Kit is well made. The instructions are a bit on the next to no good side. EG: “Fill the res to the appropiate level” it said and after reading the entire manual back to front - front to back and examining the res itself (no min - max marking), I’m still none the wiser as to what is “appropriate” LOL

overall 8 of 10 because it could be quieter. But the Bling factor and the temps rescue it.

I think you’re a brave man Brig, especially when taking into account the cost a of a good plumber south of the river :smiley:

Brigstock installing a graphics card.

Do you get any “gurgle” noise? :slight_smile:

Do you get any “gurgle” noise?

Yes and it’s annoying, as the water flows through the res it get a little turbulent and noisy , and… it don’t make tea, WTF!

I had always suspected that W/C wasnt as noisless as you are led to believe, it still has to have fans for the radiator, and then the pump can’t be that silent …
I think I am pretty much as quiet as I can get on air … fans only spinning up when certain temps are reached, and even then not that bad, I don’t think it would be that much queiter on water.

Having said that I always fancied having a go at doing one, so Kudos for you in doing so, it must have been a nice challenge checking all the seals were good, then routing the plumbing all tidy :slight_smile: have you got any pics of the set-up ?

Wow, what a great idea Brigstock. If you fancy a break from PCs you can just go sailing on your resevoir. IT techs get paid too much in your part of the world it seems. Most people would settle for a garden pond, but you have a resevoir.



Having said that I always fancied having a go at doing one

Exactly why I finally did it. On the noise issue, it is quieter but not as much as I would of liked. I have lost 2x80 fans and a CPU fan, which has made a difference. The Rad fan is a 7 volt mod I had in the case already, and is very quiet. Its the res and pump that generate the noise, the pump to be fair isn’t that bad, but the res is bugging me. Hopefully it might settle after a while but 24 hours later it still sounds like a 100 year old boiler. Keets summed it up perfectly “gurgle” is exactly the noise. But 40 C-ish at full load is very good, I like that.

Pictures LOL, if I had a camera there might be somechance. I haven’t even got a crappy phone camera. Never saw myself as a David Bailey and I don’t think I’ve ever owned a camera. Wifey has an old 35mm for the usual holiday/nativity stuff. If I can borrow a digital I’ll see what I can put up on my webspace.

IT techs get paid too much

Too much! what’s that? I’m not sure I’m familiar with the term :smiley: