War Thunder Full Real Battle Vids

Nice vid here of FRB (locked pit/no icons) over Sicily map.

Some nice high altitude fights (17-20k) developing on this map as Devs have introduced high atltitude recon planes (3 for each side) which when brought down remove map icons for ground targets for the enemy.


Note that trim is in game, along with prop pitch/mix CEM. Post of Russian forms also indicates that devs are adding more hardcore stuff - better damage modelling, magnetos, and atmospheric pressure changes among other things. Apparently WT uses blade element modelling for the propeller as well… Scrage Musik for nightfighters coming too!

It looks really nice, right up to the “+30 XP” flashing up. I wonder why they continue with this in “Full Real”??

There’s an option to turn those daft ‘+XP’ HUD messages off in the options. I’ve got it clicked but doesn’t seem to be working yet. Another feature to be fully enabled, I think.

NB: Tried a bit of CLoD last night after tweaking graphics with a FlightFX injector to remove/tone down the ‘pastel crayon’ look. Looks far, far better now.

However dissappointed to find in a height test that I could only nurse a Spit Mk1 up to 26k before it ran out of steam. Is the high alt FM still nobbled? I thought last patch had solved the RAF fighter FM woes…

Ah, nice one. Also worth remembering its still in beta.

I don’t want to take your thread off topic, but the mod community is working on a patch to fix the outstanding issues. The altitude performance is one of the things they’re working on. As well as some of the other annoyances. The patch will be out when it’s out, but I think CoD is far from finished.

Nice Battle of the Bulge map running at moment on Full Real Battles, with AI bombers at 15k to intercept/escort.

Nb: Russian WT community is pushing Saturday (Tomorrow) as a Full Real Day to introduce a few more folk into hardcore mode.

Devs seem to be listening to calls for more realism…

Bailing out (already in game but needs key mapping) and crash landings coming in next update.

Currently its possible to do a ‘soft landing’ off airfield, but this sounds great at it rectifies one of the most annoying things on WT, the aircraft exploding on impact even if you set it down gently as a feather wheels up…

Plus also it sounds as though this won’t pull you out of the cockpit if your aircraft is damaged to unflyable state, so at least you have a chance of pancaking somewhere. The GFX options tweaking also looks cool…