Virtual Thunder Birds Trailer...


yeah, yeah…but can they do a proper EAF landing? :slight_smile:

don’t think :roflmao:

I don’t like jets… Always been a prop man… But you have to say they do look good!

I see that is Lock On where did they get the flyable F-16’s? Great flying by the way! :smiley:

Eheh…, actually lockon is more difficult to maitain formation flying than IL2.

You can donwload the flyble skins from lockonskins or other lockon places.


why more difficult? no torque, more thrust…

More speed, more aerodinamics, less drag so you need to constantly change your throttle and use a lot your airbrakes. But the flying is a lot more stable than IL2…, not so afected with torke or wind…, imo the torque on Il2 is realistic, but the the flying…, the spits or others planes, seems more Ultra-lights then fighters :smiley: