UP3 update?

~S~ Chaps.

Not that Im going to bother with it, but UP3 seems close to release.


Happy Easter


Charlie ~S~

I wont bother with it either as long as it’s a RC, but it does look promising, lot of interesting planes added, Skyraider, He-219 UHU, Lancaster! :banana:

I’m also watching with interest mostly because of the section about weaponry :smiley:

Skyraider and the Lancaster could be fun.

I am a bit conserned about the gun tweeking, but I plan to replaced the UP2.01 with UP3 when they release the final version. One beta game is enough for me (COD).

Ultrapack 3.0 Release Candidate has been released.

Downloading now and will report back.

Link for the torrent.


Cheers Splash :slight_smile:

Im downloading now…only 2 days and 1 hour to go :smiley:



New Patch



Patch RC 4 from the link below



sigh I was hoping for a final release.
I was hearing rumors saturday when I flew with Jg116 on a GhostSkies mission, but I guess that they was just rumors :frowning:

Chaps yesterday I finally installed UP3RC4 and it seems to be working a treat,especially with the framerates on maps that previously gave me problems.

The JSGME and the new start up box are quite simple and easy to use.

Just one question… Can someone please tell me what the RAM Usage slidebar thing is for in the start up box? (Range is from 128 to 1024 MB). Ive been asking around in HL but as of yet I have no answer.



Charlie after a quick check, some info from Boomer



thanks for the head up charlie

Cheers Splash, it all makes sense now :slight_smile:



I understand and agree the feeling of those who doesn’t want to mess with RC/fixes: I’d suggest you to use the autoupdater option; by this way everyone can be aligned with identic release also

all the best !!

my fault! I must apologize and investigate where the hell autoupdater has gone :slight_smile:


:roflmao: Yeah, I wondered if I had missed something in my UP3RC4 installation. :roflmao:

I think this is an UP2 feature :wink:

I feel I’m not takin off since a while and remove the rust is one of my primary objectives :slight_smile:

ehnmm … what a gaffe … my il2up folder still contains the autoupdater but I didn’t check its no more in the public release

we previously balanced the load of the autoupdater traffic by making a DFS of the servers we have by hand.
I think 100% of the reason is that the needed bandwidth for the up3 update would be higher than what we can offer by dig in our own pockets only;

use the forum boards to raise founds could work but we always preferred to keep the open environment standing on what communiters openly choose to share with the community