UK Weather Victims

Well looking out the windows this morning I thought to my self its not a good day to be driving, certainly not 62 miles to work anyway.

Against my better judgement but knowing its a busy day at work I thought I’d do my best to get in. So at 6:45am I was there digging my car out of the snow to set off on my journey. 5inches of snow on the car and all over the area but off I went anyway. Barely 2 miles down the road in treacherous conditions and BANG some idiot driving far to fast uses my car as a crash barrier.

Anyone else got any horror stories today?

Same problem in Italy…as our Countries usually have a relatively tempered, mild winter, few people make regular use of winter tyres: the occasional few inches of snow, are enough to create a helluva mess! :frowning:

We’ve even got plenty of SUVs dashing around on the wet on slick competition tyres…:mad:

:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

The level of idiotic drivers in this country amazes me.

I’m sat here in the front bedroom looking out the window at the kids having a snow ball fight, then I hear a car revving up down the road, “whats that idiot upto?” As I look out the window a Toyota Supra comes into sight really going for it rally style down our residential road. He got a wobble on next to my car cringe but made it past, then at the end of the road it turns into a ‘T’ junction, only before the ‘t’ jucntion it bears left a little and downhill. Anyways the kids are all having a big snowball fight in the ‘T’ junction so in some sort of showing off attempt he blips the throttle again, making a sweet note with his bad boy exhaust, big wheel spin, sudden lurch forward, road goes left, he goes straight on and an alimighty crunch is what we hear next bits of plastic and carbon fibre everywhere. The next bit is even funnier, amongst the cheers from the kids he gets out somewhat embarrased to assess the damage, under a hail of snowballs he realises what a screw up he has had. Then after seperating the cars, having not learnt his lesson he drives abck up the road again in rally style, only this time he manages it, what a plonker you are Rodney

:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

Excellent mate, that made my morning. Sorry about your car, though. How bad is the damage? :frowning:

How bad is the damage?

Cosmetic damge really, the main impact was taken by the front wheel on the drivers I think its bent or broken a track rod because to drive in a straight line the steering wheel has to be off centre. Apart from that the other car then slid down the side of my wing/door scratching along the way.



Where’s your Hispano when you need it. A couple of HE shells in their manifold will keep them out of your, and the kids’, way.

Cosmetic damge really

You sure you’re back/neck is ok? From the sounds of it, you might need a few days off work. What about the inconvenience… And not to mention the PC you were carrying in the boot which now needs a re-build.

Every cloud. :wink:

I’m personally training to develop an antistupid Curse…kind of yelling terrible words in dialect, and seeing the other car slowly but inesorably veering off road before starting to be a problem…:smiley:

Sometimes it works…:wink:

Same problem in Italy…as our Countries usually have a relatively tempered, mild winter

Guess that throws out the Global Warming theory :roflmao:

Osprey…when I was a child, normal temperature at All Saints’ (Hallloween, beyond The Pond) was 0°C…these last years we’ve been having 16°C…:eek:

Are we talking prehistoric here?