TrackIR or not

Kinda semi-pondering TrackIR, but was wondering the main difference in actual gameplay between the TIR 3 and TIR 3 Pro. I gather the Vector thingiebob addon is for additional stuff which games like PF doesn’t have support for.

But BoB will have …
TBH I considered it for a while before I got my pro, then thought for the price difference (at the time a night on the town sort of price) that I may as well get the better one.
I didnt get the additional gear for the vector expansion at the time, but I can do when /if I need it :slight_smile:


get the one that supports the vector expansion in anticipation of BoB definately :slight_smile:

I have the 3pro + vector expansion.
I think that with Vector expansion it has better tracking anyway.
Plus you can use it with other sims games.

I would buy it with vector expansion now.
If i have time i will try to de-activate it to see the difference…