Time lapse video of set building in Second Life

Building some sets for another upcoming training movie in the works:

Wow Nice Joe how many times have spend on build it?

Nice stuff Joe !


it took a loooong time, Wildy. I’m still learning the basics of building in Second Life. It’s a bit like Google Sketchup but not as intuitive. The advantage is that you can virtually walk about inside whatever you build :cool:

Fantastic Joe

Also brilliant choice of music:banana:

Just a wee question m8

Was she wearing stockings or was the line drawn up her leg:roflmao:

You have a fine eye for detail :rolleyes:

You nice couple of little rascals… :roflmao:

…I wanted to ask the same question, but retained to avoid being pointed out as the usual kinky-minded Itie, go figure!!! :rofl: