Thursday BoB - Aug 15th, 1940 pt3 (17:00-19:30)

Thursday 15th August

1700hrs: The combat areas now switched the west. Some 60 Bf109s and 25 Bf110s were escorting a formation of 40 Ju87 dive bombers and were detected to the south of Portland. 10 Group despatch 87 Squadron Exeter (Hurricanes) and 213 Squadron Exeter (Hurricanes) to intercept. Soon after, now realizing the size of the enemy force, 234 Squadron Middle Wallop (Spitfires) were scrambled while 609 Squadron Warmwell (Spitfires) were placed at readiness in case they were needed…

…The combined strength of the British fighters was about 20 aircraft, while the German force boasted a combined strength of 125.

CoD is back on the menu this week.

Mission start time: 9.30pm-9:40pm after the SEOW
Where: Launching from the CoD client list.
Server: EAF92_Keets, Password given on TS

Note: this will be running the ATAG patch, so you will need to get it installed first.

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See ya then! :smiley:

How is it you chaps put it over there?

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Naww Keets, its “Well there ya are!”:smiley:

Great fun last night and it felt much more of a challenge.

The four Spit take off had the hair standing up at the back of my neck, the noise was incredibłe. The sound of the four merlins since the ATAG patch was amazing. It was nice to be up at 20,000ft plus as well. Contrails!

We faced 40 Ju87’s, 60 109’s and 25 110’s. Defending, we had 12 Spits and 6 Hurries, plus our 4 Spits, so in all pretty poor odds. On the real 15th, the RAF intercepted the Stukas a bit further off the coast and managed to force them to turn back, I simulated this by having them turn back over Bournemouth.

No slowdowns at all, which is great news. I’m going to re-run the big mission we did with a lot more aircraft where we had big pauses to benchmark and see the improvement. This is important as we approach Aug 18th which is one of the worst days, so we’ll be facing more a/c.

I’ll update the blog, the stats are in the usual place.

Of interest, Brigstock picked up a DFC for his 10th kill.

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