Thursday BoB - Aug 15th, 1940 - pt 2 (14:00-17:00)

Thursday 15th August

The large formation that had previously been detected over Calais appeared coming in from across the Straits of Dover. At the time, Fighter Command had only four squadrons patrolling the area. At Uxbridge, on receiving a report from the Observer Corps Keith Park releases another three squadrons. Observers on the coast wonder how on earth Fighter Command could hold off this huge concentration of German aircraft coming in. Eighty-eight Dornier Do17s of KG3 and 130+ Bf109s cross the coast near Deal while nearly 70 Bf109s cross between Dover and Folkestone. 1 Squadron Northolt (Hurricanes), 17 Squadron Debden Hurricanes), 32 Squadron Biggin Hill (Hurricanes), 64 Squadron Kenley (Spitfires), 111 Squadron Croydon (Hurricanes), 151 Squadron North Weald (Hurricanes) and 501 Squadron Gravesend (Hurricanes) have to all that they can to drive off nearly 290 German aircraft, almost an impossibility…

The MO’s office is closed, so there will be no sickness this week :slight_smile:

Mission start time: 9:00pm
Where: Launching from the CoD client list.
Server: EAF92_Keets, Password given on TS


Looking forward to this one as always.


Hopefully ill make it!:slight_smile:

Hope to be in for this one Keets, sounds good.

OK, I’m going to make it, will even be early if anyone wants a warm up?:slight_smile:

I’m well up for this. Suffering some CoD withdrawal

Anyone going to be on early? Ill be on TS.:slight_smile:

I’ll try to get on a bit earlier. No guarantees though.


I enjoyed the sorties last night. Great fun once the fight settled in.
A little fine tuning with the mission numbers and I think we’re all set :slight_smile:

Yep first time I’ve had a slide show and it started when all the fighters started to swarm about and maybe with more in they wanted to give Keets a break and chase Mikke instead. Once the fighters left their bombers , (tut tut) it was nice and smooth just picking at the sides of the massed formations. Poor sods these bomber crews.

Hope this mission doesn’t put Mikke, and co off as it was good to have you in there with us lads.

Here’s the updated and corrected stats from last night:

Swoop’s untimely death at the hands of hurricane force winds just outside the hangar at Lympne as well as Mikke’s lag induced Taran, have been expunged from the history books. WB, let me know if your death was lag induced and I’ll remove that as well.

No major medal awards from last night, though I think couple of MiD’s went out. Great to see more of us in - ten pilots at one point. If that happens regularly I can reduce the friendly AI (where were they??)

Observations from last night - The AI routines for the fighters are a bigger drain on resources than bombers flying nice and steady. We faced around 60 Dorniers which I’ve seen with no slowdowns at all, but the 50 109’s when they decended on Mikke and Splash brought things to a standstill. It was funny though.

Here’s how it looked from a distance

Nice one :slight_smile: Notice your stats haven’t been included when you click on Pilots totals, you should be getting a DFC with 11 kills old bean.

Was quite funny seeing all the fighters, quite far below me and as far as I could tell also slower (at least not a lot faster), I made a turn to engage and all of a sudden they where all around me and I was down to 1-2 fps (and less at times), planes was standing still in the air and tracers passing by from behind from invisible planes. :banana: Despite all that I tried to engage the bombers, but had one of the stationary ones stop beeing stationary and I ran into it. By then I had 109 (or two or three) behind me that was firing and getting hits, but I was still getting around 1 fps, and boom…

I waited a while before I took off for another mission and this time it worked much better and into a damaged Dornier that was heading home, I finished it off (I thought at least, it was circling quite steeply down) and continued looking for the other bombers and finally found them and I attacked, got some hits on one or two before running out of ammo. RTB and switched to Hawkinge to fly a Hurri instead. Chased after the bombers group and catched up with them halfway over the channel. Attacked a Dornier and actually managed to cut it’s tail part cleanly off, that should be my actual kill, attacked two more Dorniers without finishing them off, before running out of ammo. RTB to Hawkinge.

Will try to join again, this month I’m unemplyed so no times to keep, but new job starts 1/3 and then I will have to get up even earlier (probably around 5:15 or even earlier, sigh).

Read the stats properly :wink:

What you see on the first page is Total stats for the campaign. This is a Dead is Dead campaign, just as the RoF campaign is, when you die, your current life stats get wiped. Medals are only awarded for achievements in that current life. To check your stats and medals, click where it says Click Here for Current Life stats.

In my current “life” I only have 6 kills as I died at the end of the mission you and Marsh flew together, by an Me 110 bounce. You’ll see if you scroll right and hover over the uniform, that I have a MiD (mention in dispatches).

This should make it more of a challenge. This is why I wiped your wind assisted death and why it matters if you die in a mission.

Thanks Keets, good mission again although it wasn’t one of my better sessions. Nosed over on first takeoff struggling with the wind. Eventually caught up with the bombers and engaged a straggler with Os but stupidly flew into him (the bomber). Can’t claim it was lag because it wasn’t. Have been flying RoF a lot lately and got caught out by the closing speed I think.

Next mission I climbed out of Lympne again in a Spit IIA got to about 12,000ft and was heading towards Dover as the directed by Os. Then contrived to cook my engine! Managed a dead stick wheels up landing at Hawkinge from 12000ft so was pleased with that but then decided to call it a day.