The Romance of Flying

Just gorgeous:


very good Joe and i found some really nice pics there thx m8.

p.s Preorder the DVD also :wink:

Lovely footage.

When I win the lottery I’m going to buy myself a nice open cockpit biplane and keep it in the field at the top of my garden. Then, whenever the mood takes me I’ll be off to the blue yonder to lose myself for a couple of hours.

We gotta have our dreams eh?


so true Whiskey :slight_smile:

when i got my first million i will stop working for a while…buy a plane …flying to Scotland playing Golf and drinking single malt Whiskey and take my rod for some fishing…

great thoughts yes ???

fuck i want that milion NOW :cool:

I’ll tell you what Mas, if I win a million I’ll fly you over here and treat you to a game of golf and a bottle of the finest single malt I can find.

And when I get my biplane any member of EAF just has to visit for a free flight.



When i win the lottery I’m going to blow it all on sluts

Lol Phil, why am I not surprised by that then?


LOL Phil :banana:

Maybe we can do a mix with single malt…forget about the golf and fishing and go for the sluts instead :smiley:

Thx Whiskey sounds good and the same here if i got the million first…btw thx for joining us yesteday :wink: