The new X1900 cards were out yesterday ...

And claim the performance crown now, along with the always held IQ one :wink:

But some research has found a crossfire X1800XT’s to still perform better … not a cost effective option to buy 2 new X1800’s over one X1900 … but if you already have an X1800XT …

Of course this requires a crossfire mobo … but Asus has that covered with a low price and extremly overclockable (325 FSB/HTT anyone :)) RD480/Uli hybrid board.

Best add a Zalman Fatality VGA cooler for quieter and better cooling while I am at it … I will soon have an Asus A8N-SLi Premium nForce4 SLi mobo and possibly an Audigy 2 (as the crossfire board has excellent performing HD audio on it apparently) to sell if anyone is interested :wink:

Performance crown in FB? Disinformation that is - look again mate :slight_smile:

Sorry if you’re trying to flog one btw Majik in which case I agree with you and send on the cheque :slight_smile:


Lol you don’t wanna believe the so called FB benchie on those sites, they never bench it in our known fashion, and never say what settings :slight_smile:
Besides one game does not a crown take :wink:

I can tell you fgor a fact 1x7800GTX vs 1x X1800XT in FB is as close as makes no odds on the same settings as I have had both cards … but most benchies show you a different story.

Their certainly is a hiccup on the X1900’s IL2 performance, on the review I saw they were showing it under that of the X1800 … but then they are using beta drivers for the x1900 so that could get fixed.

What will happen in FB is anyones guess … I will find out tommorow, 2 512mb X1800XT’s in crossfire should do nicely I hope :smiley:

No selling of graphics cards (just the mobo and soundcard) here but send the cheque anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

oops :slight_smile:

Thanks mate very interesting reports, wish I was in the market for more graphics to be honest it’s dead boring with no killer-card on the market yet


Next gen is only another 3 months (ish) away … moving forward at a fair lick now.
Unfortunatley CPU’s have grown another core, which will be usefull in future but not so much right now, but haven’t gone faster :frowning:
Were are all the 3ghz plus A64’s ? thats what I want to know :wink: