The Boy Done Good

Well done to Lewis Hamilton and congrats to Massa for the dignity he showed in defeat (unlike the Brazillian crowd).
Hamilton won it and the Ferrari Investment Association, sorry, FIA and all the dodgy stewards employed by the could not stop him (damned close though).
Half expecting an enquiry though and Hamilton having six seconds added to his time (he beat Glock by 5.5 seconds) because it rained…

Dont u mean Ferrari International Asistance:p

Amazing race
Amazing season

Well done and thanks to lewis for bringing it home:D, still feel sorry for massa and his family though


YES![SIZE=2]… Well deserved, he’s battled hard all season… it’s been one of the best seasons for a good while, even more enjoyable when it’s a close run thing…[/SIZE]

The Best Bum-Twiching Race I’ve ever seen…Agatha Christie couldnt have written that!
Well done Lewis…comisserations Fellipe…And a special “Thank You Very Much” for 15 yrs of grit and determination from David Coultard :slight_smile:
Great to see him being piped-in too…awesome touch :slight_smile:

A BEAUTIFULL show, a GREAT race, in a BIG season…
Thanks to Lewis, Felipe and all the pilots for the Best F1 season after a Big Champion called Michael…
Thanks a lot for all!!!:w00t:

And a BIG THANK AND GOOD BYE to Troy Bayliss for his history in Superbyke, we miss you, Troy

We are all son of Troy… :smiley: