S! all

Has anybody tryed to used this ?, and is it usable ?


Was thinking off trying, but if anybody has bad experince with it, Ill will not go there :wink:

p.s. Found it here with some other stuff :slight_smile:

i had no problem with it, While PeGee i think had some corrupted graphics! Think you can try it and if don’t work don’t use it. If i remember it’s an .Exe and you don’t need to install…

No, I’ve never used TS Overlay. However, these little utilities are all fairly harmless, give it a go and if you get any issues just don’t use it.

I use TS Display which is fine, although it doesn’t have the TS Overlay features like text size. TS Display can be downloaded here

I like sourceforge stuff and always try to support the project.

Sorry PeeGee bad memory ;(

““I like sourceforge stuff and always try to support the project.””

Me too :wink:

Not PeeGee, but me Jimmi :wink:

First, if the game runs normally for you, then this is an excellent utility.

The problems I have are all associated with running 4GL mode (as opposed to DirectX mode).

The problems Jimmi is aware of were associated with am earlier set of nVidia drivers, and (maybe) v 4.01m. The problem set has changed since then.

My current problem is that I get an error loading map .ini files if TSO is Enabled at load time. If TSO is disabled, then the mission does load.

Given my general level of frustration with the program, I can not say I’ve used it much with the current nVidea drivers and 4.02m

This thread might be of interest, it’s for older drivers and 4.01 (4,01m?)
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thx all :slight_smile: