Teamspeak Overlay - See who talk!


I have a great gift to you all!

With this gift, you don’t need to tell who you are all the time!

YOU WILL KNOW who is talking!

It is teamspeak overlay I’m talking about. Its a program that shows who is talking, so you don’t need to worry about funny accents, unrecognisable sneezing or sneaky leaving or entering of the channel, YOU WILL KNOW!:roflmao:

Download it from here!

Example images:

When none is talking, its slightly visible in the backround, showing which channel you are in. (Pic is very low in quality - it says 331 squadron channel.)

Then when someone or yourself talk, it will light up and show the name. It will show multiple names if people talk at the same time too.

It will show when people are writing, leaving, entering or being kicked from that channel as well.

I hope you guys can use this, its REALLY helpful, never do I get confused who talk when I use this tool, its fantastic.

I know what you mean. All those funny Scandanavian accents sound the same to me :stuck_out_tongue:

But your accent definitely stands out :wink:

It sounds great but sometimes it is hard to understand.

You do realise this has been out for years…
Started using it ages ago, but found it had an effect during gameplay… (caused stutters for some reason) so we binned it!
Hope they have sorted it now…:slight_smile:

Had this for a long while. Was really useful in the early days when I never knew the voices. It`s pretty redundant now, but I still use it.

Cool, did not know so many use/used it.

I like to have it on to avoid any misunderstandings anyway.:slight_smile:

And yeah, accents are great to have, it gives the language depth, but sometimes its hard to hear clearly, probably from both sides.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I don’t get on with TSO; that may be a hardware issue.
I’ve tried it on more that one installation of XP on my current PC, but it’s always been associated poor performance or stutter.

I’ve been on TSDisplay for 2 years (that tiny grey window doing more or less the same as TSO). :wink:

I’m testing TSOverlay at the moment, but as it’s still beta, the code is very simple, at interrogates too many registers, resulting in a FPS-eater (accoridng also to its Forum)…:rolleyes:

Still it delivers a number of practical info…:smiley: