Still using On Board sound from your mobo ?

Truth of it is most OB sound isnt as bad as you are led to believe, in fact I just swapped out my mobo today and just thought i would try the OB … well sound quality was right up there with my Audigy2 … but flying a couple of dogfights tonight things didnt feel quite right …
Initially I thought the new patch might have been the cause, but a bit of investigation revealed that was not the case …

My sound for IL2 is usually set on custom with 32 channels 44khz and surround spakers with hardware acceleration.

Graphics are 1680 x 1050 4xAA OGL perfect water 2 (highest available setting for ATi, equivalent to the old water 3 for nvidia in appearance).
Black Death track, Fraps started 5 seconds in and ended at 2 min 5 secs.

Changing just the sound card, this is what results:

Sound off:
2006-02-23 23:45:40 - il2fb
Frames: 6747 - Time: 120135ms - Avg: 56.162 - Min: 23 - Max: 106 sound off 404

OB sound (Nvidia NF4/Realtek 850 latest drivers):
2006-02-23 22:55:48 - il2fb
Frames: 5017 - Time: 119997ms - Avg: 41.809 - Min: 16 - Max: 81 ob sound 404

Audigy 2 latest drivers
2006-02-24 00:18:50 - il2fb
Frames: 5978 - Time: 120168ms - Avg: 49.747 - Min: 21 - Max: 102 audigy 2 404

Thats a not insubstatial increase in minimum FPS considering you can pick up an Audigy 2 for around £30 now … I wonder if the Audigy 4 would make it close to the no sound framerate ? :wink:

Interesting Majik

I wonder if the Audigy 4 would make it close to the no sound framerate ?
Check the Community help forum.
I’m out of date on my info, but it used to be a “No, it’s worse”. Newer drivers could have cured that.

BTW, a min of 21 or of 23 is not, IMO, statistically different - unless this difference is sustained over several cycles.

Aside, I wonder, are you using the same CPU as me - AMD ATHLON 64 3700+ SAN DIEGO - your mins are typical for that CPU.

The minimum is affected by graphics settings as well once you start using higher res, perfect and highest water :wink:
Although the game is largley cpu dependant, those eye candy features do hit the GPU were it hurts.

Looking at the max and av frames also shows decent gains, showing the Audigy 2 picking it up across the board over the OB.

This is obviously dependant on which OB solution you have, as some suck up more cpu cycles than others, and of course how fast the cpu is.
I have had OB solutions that don’t give a great variance from a seperate sound solution, but I was quite suprised at the difference in this case.

My thoughts on the Audigy 4 were based purely on the fact it is supposed to have 4 times the processing power of the Audigy 2, and wondering if that was going to be using less cpu cycles due to its faster performance, as we know practice and theory are not always the same :slight_smile:

There are recent drivers for the Audigy 2 and 4 range (released earlier this month IIRC) which I am using, I have no idea if this would help the Audigy 4 or not.

If you are using onboard, its worth trying it out with sound disabled from the il2setup.exe compared to full sound settings, that will soon tell you if would be worthwhile getting an audigy 2 :slight_smile:

In my case I already had the audigy 2, but decided to give the OB a try … I didn’t expect such a big hit TBH I might have expected it to drop a couple of fps average … but 8 is around a 15% hit.


Majik, I finally got around to testing this in the search for a few more fps. I have a MSI K8M NEO V Motherboard:

Onboard Sound on: Avg: 34 - Min: 14 - Max: 61
Sound disabled: Avg: 37- Min: 20 - Max: 61

This scared the bejeezuz outa me! The bloody cheek of my little onboard sound chewing up my fps.

I quickly dug in my box of spare bits to improve this and found an old C-Media piece of crap, and got:

CMI8738 Sound on: Avg: 35 - Min: 17 - Max: 61

I should listened, I know :o

Just trying to compare my old P4 2.4ghz system with my new AMD64x2 4800 system and I am using 3dmark05 and the black death track as my test beds, when you run the black death track do you use the default views or do you jump to another camera position?

Default views and start fraps 5 secs in, and end at 2 min 5 secs

Hmm, weird, now that i have that old sound card in, I get audible ‘clicks’ in the engine sound when watching aircraft flying in external view?

Any ideas? :confused:

It’s fine and smooth on internal.

Ok thanks, now that i am in the realm of super smooth graphics how do i go about getting nice water and whats the AA/AF stuff and where do i adjust it?

AA - Anti Aliasing, makes diagonal lines seem less ragged
AF - Anisotropic Filtering (sp?)
Those two you adjust by changing settings from desktop. I like having at least AA2, and AA4 should be possible if you got new hardware.
For AF I can’t really say, I know what difference it should make (though I can’t describe it), but I’m not sure I really see a big difference in IL. :confused:

Water is set in conf.ini, for myself I’m not using perfect settings etc, I think water actually looks less realistic on highest setting, and it does affect framerate.

Thanks Mikke.

Heres my rig details

ASUS a8n-32 SLi Deluxe MOBO
AMDx2 4800 CPU
2gb Corsair twinned performance ram
250GB SATA300 (??) H.D.D
Audigy4 soundcard
19" Samsung flat panel monitor (looks lurvelly :stuck_out_tongue: )

I hope it can handle things as i really want to play on perfect

AA - as Mikke says, it’s to control jaggies on the edges of objects.
There is a trade off, as you go to higher screen settings, you can (should be able to) reduce AA.

AF - sort of - smoothes the transition between distant textures and close textures.
If you ever watched a road filling in detail as you fly along it - that was caused by low AF settings.

(That’s not the whole story, I’ve yet to see a complete explanation of AF that I could understand)

On water settings:
I run perfect with water=0 , on a GeForce 7800GTX ! I find that acceptable in game
It’s not so good for movies, nor where you are watching the scenery - but for general game play, it’s fine

As a general point, these settings are about balance. What combination works best for you with your hardware.

What graphics card Classic?
I guess the native res on your monitor is 1280x1024, so that is what you should be using both on desk and in games (if possible, in IL you can set whatever you want in conf.ini), and on that AA2 should be acceptable, but 4 better, over that is overkill IMO (based on 1280x960 setting that I’m using).

WHOOPS I knew there was something missing in that PC spec sheet, i am running a 256mb 7800GTX

AF afaik is best left set to app controlled on your control panel, as Il2 sorts it, altering it hits frame rates for no visual improivement I can see.

You should be fine on 4XAA with that card.

I run water 2 (on ATi that is equiv to the nvidia max water apparently) in 1680x1050 with 4xAA and its all pretty smooth on a 256mb X1800XT.

I think the max water looks great for the sea, but rivers do look a bit too wavey, but the reflections and sunglints etc all make up for it IMO :wink: