Sporran - CoD - Hurricane

Mate, I hope you can soon fly CoD, because you will love the Hurri.

At least her guns.

Now you can really feel the power of 8 0.303 converging in the same point. I have been sawing 109s wings and its a pleasure :wink:

Btw, Im completely sold on not using tracers at all. Im getting fantastic results this way.

And I still havent used the boost cut-out yet…

damnit Nepe, gona stop doing that… :roflmao:

Seriously though, until one of these two things happen i aint botherin with CloD.

  1. It actualy runs playable on my machine ( well within stated specs LOL )

  2. I update my machine ( which will be after i replace my bike )

Shooting without tracers helps me concentrate on the gunsight.

I don’t know about the boost cut-out. I tend to remove the guard while I start the aircraft. That way I don’t have to worry about having all the engines power at my disposal when I need it. The Boost cut-out only belong during peacetime. Not war! Such devices are an affront toward soldiers in a warzone.
No one saws of the branch he sits on unless his life is in danger.

Starfire, do you know whats the rpm/boost for level flight? No matter what settings I use, the aircraft always roll to the right.

Add to this the need to re-set the gyro after a few minutes (a task where you need to hold your heading) and is no surprise that I spend most of my flying time trying to guess where I am heading :rolleyes:

My pitch varies from 70-80 during level fligt.
I keep the boost around 3. But just like you, my hurricane wants to tilt to the side.

The realworld Mk. I Pilots Notes have three settings:

Page 43
Max Cruising (automatic rich) - 2,600 rpm (8,000ft)
Max Cruising (automatic weak) - 2,600 rpm (12,000 ft)
Most economical - 1,900 rpm (17,000ft)

Page 39, states that Boost must not exceed 4½ lb/ sq.in

Since the boost instrument in Hurricane are marked with red around 4 lb, I would keep it under.

Nepe, starfire and other Clod’ers, when are you flying and it would be great to meet up?

I fly it on highly irregular schedule. I have done some testing and flying on EAF training nights, but only because we had nothing on schedule in 331.
Most of the time I just do testing of FMB. The lack of performce on my current gameplatform takes the fun out of combat.

I did managed to down SeeYou (bf109E-3) in a Hurricane, but the stutter made this more luck than I would care to admin :wink:

I will ONLY plan for flying COD in 331, if it does not exclude any of our pilots.
Since unit cohecion of 331 are more important to me :cool:

I am in the same situation as Starfire. I love to fly CoD, but training nights are for IL2 as flying and training with the EAF is more important to me.

The last months I’ve been flying CoD around 1200, before lunch, because I fly with Tony and Finch, sometimes Starfire too. You will still find me at those hours this month, but in September my whole world goes uoside down, and I have no idea when, what and how I will fly again.

talking about hurrycane… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPtJ9-Esbto&feature=player_profilepage

Okay, I can’t make lunchtimes and on Squad nights if something il2 is on I’ll fly that. SE is having a break right now though.

I’ll carry on by myself, cu

Swoop. Let me know when you’re flying and I will join you if I can… I’m a pretty good target. I need more time in COD and would like to host a server for the EAF guys if I can figure out how to do it.

Cheers Apollo, I’ll post up the pub when on next. Monday now.

Just been on the syndicate server with about 48 others flying on the channel map. I was surprised how good it was and almost as smooth as IL2 now I’ve tweaked the landscape detail to medium and turned shadows off. Updated the NV drivers to 270.61 WHQL which has also helped.

Tonnes harder trying to hit anything though, but looks and feels so much better.

Be careful Swoop. You are getting to that point where it is difficult to fly in IL2 anymore…

Hope to catch you for some channel mission soon.

Apollo, make your way to the EAF group in Steam, you can look for my name and befriend me, I will invite you to the group.

Nepe. I’ll do that when I get back home. But account name is still MOH_Apollo and I have to change that somehow.

Swoop. I’ve played a little since I got the game and agree that it’s improved much. I still have not figured out gun convergeance. Someone said you need to dubble the distance? Don’t really understand what distance he was talking about. The sight distance or setup in the loadout section. I no longer can change the loadout of the guns and don’t know why.
I am very happy with the damage model and flight model. It feels more like a real airplane in my oppinion than IL2. I thought IL2 felt very realistic until I tried COD. I like the fact that your wing doesn’t tear off from a single shot.

Apollo. Convergence in CoD. It is explained in the CoD section in our wiki, along with a few more things that will get expanded over time. In short:

There are 2 rings below the gunsight. The upper one is used to set your convergence (NOTE: as of August 2011 theres a bug, you have to set double your convergence for good results. For example, if you set your gun convergence to 150, set the upper ring to show 300).

If you befriend me or one of the other CO/XO’s we can add you. It is a Invitation only club :cool:

I real life the wingtips would touch the horizontal bar/line when convergence was right.
Right now the wings have to touch one of the vertical lines and the center dot. (If I undestand it right).

Damm you are fast Nepe :smiley:

Agreed Nepe, Il2 looks and feel very cartoonish compared :o Hope we can fly together and get some tips on flying the Hurricane.

I hope the developers don’t “dumb it down” for the masses; the majority of the experienced pilots in here will love it eventually.

Apollo, still learning all the time myself!!

Have decided to make an effort and get into the game after the last announcement which looks like it will put CoD on the way to a playable beast - hopefully.

I’ve created a single mission for myself using the FMB so that I can sit in the cockpit, fine tune my controller setup and practice startup and engine management. So far have managed a single takeoff, circuit and landing!

Would also like to join the Steam group if someone would be so kind as to invite me. :smiley:



Welcome :slight_smile: We are here to help.