slient hunter V

New ingame video!

Looks very promising, all the unnecessary and missing stuff (like a good periscopeview) will be fixed by this great community :smiley:

I can’t wait to get this game!:smiley:

Sh3 was the best of the series, I hope this fresh and new grey wolf will continue the tradition of the now quite old one.

I had so much fun in the Sh3 thanks to the community and the game’s replayability. Since this one also got a dynamic campaign, I simply cant sit calm any longer.

Because the new ubi DRM (you must be constantly connected to servers ubi to play and the saving files are stored un ubi servers) I wil not buy SH5, and like me, many other guys all aroud the World are disappointed about it. :mad:

Yep, not going to buy it here neither.

I play SH3/SH4 with the mods, will stick to that I think.


Got it and loving it…all with mods of course :)…up for MP action with SH4 { v 1.5 with RFB2 } or sh5.

Overlooking the really annoying DRM and all the Bugs which were there already in SH4 and SH4 its a game which makes fun and getting betting every day. Downloading now “realistic skills” for the crew.

Great game spoilt by this silly online business

When I want to play a game I want to play it now, not when some server deceides it wants to connect.

Now the people at Rise of Flight acknowledged this stupidity and the latest patch allows offline play.

Now the Rise of Flight folks I can do business with, and they have crafted a beautiful sim.

I hate game that you need be online for play offline if people don’t bought this kind of game they will do a good thing.

the system wan’t control us