Sky netgear router ???

My connection keeps dropping have tried Sky tech support but they know nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
No serial on bottom but standard Sky Router from netgear ???

Works one second then not the next.

Help please.


Is it definately a router and not an ADSL modem? Check your PC IP is a LAN IP address? (e.g 192.xx.xx.xx or 10.xx.xx.xx)

The reason I ask, is because depending on how get your connection to start (if its not a router), you can configure Windows to drop the connection if it is idle after a certain period of time.

If it is definately a router, then post up a screenshot of the config screen when you login to the router itself and I’ll try and work out which router it is. It could be the connection is crap, too much loss on the line.

By the way…welcome back, Techy!! :banana:


Just thought, check your router under the Basic Settings and make sure the Idle Timeout is set to 0

If there’s a number in there, you’re connection will timeout and drop after that number of minutes.