Sky Defender

I saw this game today and it reminded me of an old battle of brittain game, from the only movie I could find:

Now I was wondering, how is the fighter pilot side of this game? This doesnt look very realistic as the turret gunner can keep on shooting and other gunners from the AI seem to be not shooting at all.

However, one thing in this game what I miss in IL-2 is the very large bomber formations.

So, can anyone tell me more about this?

it looks like it is rowans BOB.

Yea, I think it is. Looks very much like it though I had it a VERy long time ago.

You really want it`s successor which is Wings of Victory BOB2. It is basically the same game, heavily updated in every way.

It`s a good game, excellent offline atmos- and cheap.

okay, but at the same time I wonder, as I said before, is it not possible to have large bomber formation fights in IL-2?

It is but you need a PC from NASA to get the same numbers. In BOBWOV you can run hundreds (2-300) aircraft in varianing parts of the sky, bombers and fighters duking it out and still run the game. That`s almost impossible in IL2 unless, as I said, you have an incredible uber-pc…

maybe in the future :slight_smile: