Shoulder to Shoulder - The EAF Movie

Well, finally, I’ve now finished “Shoulder to Shoulder – The EAF Movie”.

It has been a long road to complete this and I owe a lot to my fellow filmmaker, Monty-Dan, for supporting me with his ongoing advice every step of the way.

Thanks to all the skinners (especially Keets), actors, pilots and Peacemaker for the original artwork he made for this movie.

Download from (you will need the DivX or Xvid codec to watch on a PC. Some DVD players will also play the file directly from this file burned to a CD/DVD as well which gives the best viewing experience)

Download from

Standard quality 1.5Mbps streaming version from Blip

High quality 3Mbps streaming version from Vimeo (quality is improved if you switch the scaling off)

All comments welcome.

Getting an error from filefront Joe:

“Your download has failed. The file you are attempting to download is restricted to an access group of which you are not a member.”

Any ideas? Do I need to sign up or something?


Try it now. I was keeping it under wraps for a few days, and forgot to make it public.

I watched the streamed version as I couldn’t wait.

Outstanding work Joe, and I bet there won’t be a dry eye in the EAF when everybody gets to see it!


Well Done.


An excellent advert for what being in this outfit means

Nice one Joe :smiley:

Great film mate, well presented

Oooh, EAF Squadron looks really good, any idea how i join up, my squadron is full of Scottish twats!

Good job Joe, i can tell you spent a lot of time on this as i remember the V1 tipping from a LOOOONG time ago. Well worth it i think.:banana::banana::banana:

No words
Simply perfect and emotion.
Thx lot 4 your work.

A great film, professional work, many thanks. The ending with the missing man formation touched my heart, so many memories. This is what it’s all about, the comradeship we all share.

Thanks to all Brother for exsist I’m touched!

(Joe but you save all our mad photos ill give you more)

A masterpiece! Compliments Joe. :slight_smile:

Nice work Joe

Very professional and lots of nice technical touches. ( focus pull inside duxford ready room in particular ).

Music is very evocative and adds greatly to the feel.

I never met Flatspin, Italo or Crazy, but i feel this is a fine tribute.

I do hope that axis forces watching it don’t think we always attack stuka’s from dead six though.

Good stuff m8


Excellent work Joe, and touching the memory of our lost friends.

Thanks all.

I’m very pleased you all like it and the message seems to have got across, and also that you think the tribute is appropriate. That was a difficult thing to do.

The actors all did a fine job. Whiskey and Keets, who have tried acting in the past, have both come a long way since then. Great results from the rest as well. I hope I wasn’t too hard on you all :wink: Acting can make or break a movie, and I think you all made it!

How is the filefront link by the way? Some of the other forum viewers were having problems.

I’ve added a megaupload link just in case, and have asked M4T to host as well.

awesome joe, really awesome, you even managed to get sean bean to do some voice acting??? :smiley:

the filefront link worked fine for me btw, and once again awesome, just watched it again

Bloody superb stuff!

The BoB segment is particluarly stirring for some reason - especially when those Stukas hove into view all menacing like… Soundtrack fits perfectly too!

Another flipping masterpiece…:w00t:

Fantastic movie… no words… only proud to be one of “EAF”
Grazie Joe!!

Hi Joe I downloaded from filefront and have tried playing the file through windows media player, however I get the intro line ‘wee bit productions’ and the ‘the virtual european airforce presents shoulder to shoulder’ and the audio is fine but i have no video as such?

you will need the DivX or Xvid codec to watch on a PC.

The streaming versions could be an option for you Classic.

Thanks for that effort Joe. A Masterpiece.

& of course a big thx to all others as well for their efforts to create this movie…