Server downtime / unaccessible

Well, it’s actually not the server that’s the problem, it’s the connection. A fiber converter have given up, I had hoped it would be fixed by now (wednesday) when I got back from the summerhouse, but unfortunately that’s not the case, so now I hope it will be fixed tomorrow, quite annoying beeing without internet connection, and I hate when the server is down for the rest of you. :mad:

Boohoo all alone in here… :frowning:

Aaaaand server should be accessible again, have moved it to another house and now it’s connected directly to the main switch. The plan was to install a fiber NIC and use the server as a bridge between the main switch and from there through the fibre over to the fiber converter in my house and on to the switch in that house. Now it seems like that doesn’t work, probably because the NIC and the fiber converter doesn’t want to talk to each other, even though the PC says that it’s connected.

Will try some more before I give up completely, but it looks bleak, if so, rescue will come on monday (boo hoo, I will need to go to the basement in another house to surf!!! :().

Was getting worried for a while, was up at my parents and thought you had all move house and not told me.

We’re back :banana:

Yay! Finally its back and kicking!:slight_smile:

Began to get a little worried about what the heck is happening with the server lol:)

Nice one :slight_smile:

Don’t worry Mikke it’s the dog days of summer we need the fresh air anyway and thanks for booting us up again :slight_smile:


it’s the first time i don’t panic seeing the server down!:slight_smile:

I was really confident in you Mikke!;):wink:

2 more hours and i would have started running, and crying and shouting like a mad man!!!:eek::eek::D:D:D:roflmao::roflmao:

You don’t use Tiscali, by any chance? :smiley:

Glad it’s dawn, Hal, and all’s well :slight_smile:

Nope, we have Bredbandsbolaget (aka BBB), nowdays owned by Telenor, as ISP, for a little longer, but the problem isn’t with them but with old hardware the house ownership association owns (due to be replaced in a not to distant future).

Anyway, the bridging failed, so for my flying computer I’m out of luck until monday. :frowning:

Temporarily back online, have nicked the connection from another house to be able to pay some bills and get the minimum doze of surfing so I don’t go crazy over the weekend. :o

I hope the server is online for the rest of you as well even though I moved it to another port on the switch…

I hope the server is online for the rest of you as well even though I moved it to another port on the switch…

Nope - can’t see a thing here, you need to try another port. :wink:

Excellent! :tongue2:

Tawny or ruby Keets? Pass it on m8, we’re sober here :wink:

Mikke, glad it’s back, even if not full service, and hope to see you flying soon

Bit like my wife then,

Has lots of downtime and has been inaccessible for years…



:w00t: Finally back online!!! :w00t:

Had to play Civ3 Conquest while I was offline, still a great game, but it steals time like nothing else. :o

Planning to fly tonight anyway, will be rusty like never before (well… ok, I’ve probably been more rusty before, it’s only been like 3 weeks without flying this time.).