SEOW rolecall

I PM sono per tutti e due. Non capisco come mai non li hai ancora ricevuti

Io l’ho ricevuto ben due volte:D
Cappe se non l’hai ricevuto te lo forwardo:banana:

Stasera sono out, ho un mal di testa che metà basta…:frowning:

Es muy facil, Nepe:

BRAVO, easy and internationally understood as it is:

[li]Bravo, because you’re our Maestro;[/li][li]Bravo, so were called Spanish Occupants in Milano;[/li][li]Bravo, because you’re really bravo;[/li][li]Bravo…you and I know well a further very good reason…;)[/li][/ul]

si si ho ricevuto tutto ti ho anche già risposto!!:slight_smile:

Grazie a tutti, interesantísimo :slight_smile:

Red, E davvero difficile cambiare il mio nick, ma ho la voglia da molto tempo…

Corsair sorry, tiago? :confused:

Bear, the thing about being an escort pilot, or even being a T/O is one of the most serious possibilities I always play with :slight_smile:

TT, Bravo…Moscas :wink: very well thought, but I dont like to take the name of another pilot. And why the relation Bravo with Maestro?

Master & Commander… :slight_smile:

Please note that “Bravo” sound different in Italian and in English.
English is similar to the Spanish meaning
Italian meaning is “Good in doing things”

Carlos “Nepe” Santiago = San/tiago = Tiago :D:D:D

“bravo” is nowadays the international exclamation of a mass of people all over the world, clapping hands to a music or movie director/composer…a “Maestro”, actually another internationally renown italian word…:wink:

…that’s why you wouldn’t be stealing another pilot’s name…just hinting! :smiley:

Bravo…mi sa tanto di Fiat!!! :o

Good explaination, MonsTTer. :slight_smile:
And I also like Corsair’s explaination. Tiago looks good too.

I don’t like Tiago, because it’s the name of one of my colleagues whom I don’t like…
Honestly, I really hope you’ll keep your nickname!:slight_smile: For me it’s just a real name, and it’s not good when someone decides to change it… I’ve been knowing you for 7 years as “Nepe”, and I don’t think it will be easy to start calling you in a different wat… at least for me!:wink:

Nepe is Nepe don’t change it pls

Nepe is… the reason why you are here. Do you still remember THAT night? :slight_smile:

per chi deve fare la SEOW preparasse una copia con ultra pack 1.8 per domani

la UP 1.8 va messa sopra la 4.09 pulita

Domanda: ma la SEOW non si farà con l’history?

Quoto :confused:

L’ultra manco l’ho scaricata.

La SEOW si fa con la HSFX

…e la HFSX si scarica da qui: