Saturdays race results

Here ya go zulu

The Results for Saturday, 28th of March (‘Crimea Raceway’ by USMC_Tailspin, 5 laps)
reviewed by Koivis (races 1-2 and 5)

Race 1, FULL OPEN class, any plane on list allowed
10 racers on start

  1. Sir_Loopalot
  2. sherpa2
  3. Fuzzy40
  4. Rockabilly
  5. Skinner

After a good and smoky start, Spaceman022 (24) crashed his Ta-183 into a pylon on lap 1
Franck28 (28) crashed his Lerche into ground at 2nd lap
Just a while after, =RG=/Koivis (87) blacked out and blew up the factory which was making rocket engines for his tuned Me-163
EAF19_DanC did the same thing with the same plane in the same corner, except he didn’t blow up anything

THIS WAS MY FAULT TOTALLY, Sir_Loopalot, sherpa2, Fuzzy40 and Skinner completed 6 laps. (in the heat of the race I lost count of the laps, mostly because some racers were lapped and the leading pair went really fast) Rockabilly did only 5 and was the only pilot alive to keep constantly under chimney height, but crashed on lap 5 partly due to that. I count the results from the end of lap 5, therefore Rocka can keep his 4th position.

After the race we decided that the balloons were maximum allowed altitude, not balloons AND chimneys. Quote from official air racing rules: “In general, maximum elevation shall not exceed one wing-span above local height markers (typically chimney stacks and/or observation balloons)”. This track had both, and some players (including me) thought that the chimneys were there just for challenge, not as maximum height markers. Why would there be any balloons in the corners where there were chimneys nearby also, if they don’t mark the max altitude?

Race 2, Open Props
12 racers on start

  1. Franck28 (Mustang Mk.III no. 28)
  2. Sir-Loopalot (Mustang no. 44)
  3. =RG=/Koivis (Mustang no. 87)
  4. sherpa2 (Mustang no. 56)
  5. Skinner (Mustang no. 14)

c25let (Mustang) didn’t use tailwheel lock on start, drifted to left and rammed EAF19_Zulu (Mustang) on the middle lane
Rockabilly (Fw-190) touched ground just after takeoff, and the friction ignited the light magnesium structure of his plane
EAF19_DanC (La-7) clipped his wing into a chimney on first lap
spaceman22 (Mustang) clipped wing to balloon cable on lap 3
F22-A10 (Do 335) lost wing due to contact with ground on lap 4
Fuzzy40 had timed out on lap 4 sad.gif

Race 3, Open Props Pre-war
5 laps, 15 racers on start

  1. Franck28
  2. Fuzzy40
  3. EAF19_DanC
  4. Raaf_Steppie
  5. F22-A10

x. Rockabilly
x. EAF19_Zulu
x. Skinner

Start Rockabilly had some trouble at the start (?) but eventually got in the air
2:07 spaceman022 and GBA_Angel1 did the lag collision shuffle
2:32 sherpa2 and Franck28 lag collided (I think) letting Franck survive and sherpa in a fireball to take out Koivis in more lag (best I can see on my recording)
3:24 Hollebolle overturns and does the wing plow dance and the explosion takes parts from c25let causing a crash
8:10 Sir_loopalot lost engine power and glided to a landing after a close call with Fuzzy40 (lucky we didn’t collide!)
End Skinner finally finished after not being able to raise his manual gear for the race
(Racer, as a reminder, please don’t spawn until told to spawn or after confirming that all racers are down. I know it was unintentional, but please remember to always be diligent and courteous to our fellow racers!)

Race 4, A6M5c
5 laps, 15 racers on start

  1. sherpa2
  2. Franck28
  3. Koivis
  4. EAF19_DanC
  5. Raaf_Steppie

x. Hollebolle
x. spaceman022

Start Skinner went off to the left on takeoff and crashing through the start pole
2:28 EAF19_Zulu and F22-A10 in a lag explosion takes out Fuzzy40 and Rockabilly and that takes out the rudder of Sir-loopalot who limps back to base
3:42 JetStream and GBA_Angel1 in a neck to neck race collide in the turn with both below 10m height

Race 5, Pe-3bis
15 racers on start

Race 6, Il-2I
5 laps, 15 racers on start

  1. Franck28 (by a plane length on my recording)
  2. Koivis
  3. spaceman022

2:10 The explosion chain starts: Skinner and Sir_loopalot collide causing the chain to start – F22-A10, EAF19_DanC, Rockabilly and Fuzzy40
2:25 JetStream loses a wing on the tail cone of Hollebolle and the crash take Hollebolle with him
3:31 GBA_Angle1 clips a wing and takes out Raaf_Steppie and the right elevator of sherpa2
4:42 sherpa2 keeps it going until he plows a wing on the up slope
9:56 EAF19_Zulu clips the ground on the up slope

cool thanks mate hope i will start to do better at it with time lol