?? Saitek X52

Lots of people has buy the Saitek X52, and Im also a Saitek fan.

But my problem is going from my (beleave it or not) Saitek x35T/x36F, to a neew one.

I have a good feeling with my rudder on the throttle, and thats why im looking at Saitek x45 because of this having the rudder in left side on throttle.

But offcause, im also thinking X52 is the neew one, and in that strange way should be the one.

So to my qustion:

Is there any one, who has tryed both saitek, I mean with rudder in throttle, and rudder in stick? and if yes, please tell me what feels best.

I have used both and my personal preference is the X52, smoother action, i always felt i was fighting against the spring on the X45.

For me the twist rudder action is easier to use but that is obviously a personal preference.

I agree with Meaks as i have had both and find the twist for the rudder on the X52 so much more natural than the the X45 and the rocker on the X45 wears very quickly!

My personal choice would be for the X52 stick :smiley:

Techy :cool:

Thx Gents :slight_smile:

Review: Saitek X52 HOTAS in Sim HQ:

“I almost didn’t buy the X52 because it’s a “twisty” stick. I hate twisty sticks, as I’m so ham handed that I unintentionally make rudder movements exactly when I don’t want to. The joystick has a little tab one can pull out to lock the stick in place! Very cool. That one feature ensured it would come home with me from the store.”

Someone forgot to mention this eeeh :wink:

so X52 is next on my list :slight_smile:

hej toto , hvordan har du det min ven ? i use the x 45 and find the rudder on the throttle a bit awkward when on full throttle , that is why i went and got some ch peddals ,i used to have a twist ms sidewinder and i found it quite easy to use untill i built a set of wooden rudder peddals then i was hooked

hej toto , hvordan har du det min ven ?

Damn Im good to understand them Bravehearts, maybe Mings right, I am from Scotland :confused:

Thx for the backfeed Alan, Im very keen on Pedals, and think this would be the way to fly, only have to get the cash floowing first :wink:

untill i built a set of wooden rudder peddals
Is this for reel ?, then hit me with your blueprint, and im off to go :slight_smile:

And Alan Jeg har det fint :slight_smile:

det vil sige jer gjorde ikke hidkalde mig en arsenal :smiley: ogsa en mogluder :roflmao: , og dens god imod høre du er nobel :slight_smile: , making a set of wooden pedals is easy , well for me anyway , i’m a joiner :slight_smile: all you need is a base board to attach a joystick and either one or two pieces of tomber to support footrests , i’ll try and find a link for you min ven

det vil sige jer gjorde ikke hidkalde mig en arsenal ogsa en mogluder , og dens god imod høre du er nobel

Da vinci code, or is it me who is getting drunk :laugh:

in case of katolic readers, I don’t wanna translate this :wink:

But please link me :slight_smile:

Rocker everytime, twist sticks are horrible :frowning:

That said, rudder pedals are the way to go :slight_smile:

I still have an X36 and it’s going to need replacing soon as it’s getting just a little too sloppy around the middle, waiting to see if those pictures of the new styled x52 pan out :slight_smile:


Heres the new one, dont like the throttle position

here’s the link toto , the ones i made are the second ones down , any problems just gimme a shout min ven