rudder pedals questions

what are the benefits and problems of using rudder pedals as opposed to the twist stick on the joystick? does it make a difference? also what pedals are available that can be used for FB?
I’m just wanting to get a take on what the main differences are when flying with them as the game is constantly moving towards more realistic flight models with the upcomong patch and BoB.

Some seem to be happy enough with twist, but I prefer rudder pedals. I think you can get more precise movement, but the difference might be small.
You can also make rudder movements without flying with hands on stick, and uh, you don’t have to make small and precise movements of the fingers while at the same time twisting the stick at some strange way.

But the most important reason is of course that real planes have pedals, not twist stick. :slight_smile:

Only reason I can think of for going with twist stick instead of pedals is if the space for pedals is lacking/nonexistant.

I think most pedals is possible to use with FB, some might need some minor mods/setting up, but probably no biggie. If I was buing now I’d probably go with Simped, even though they are expensive.
I have a set of Thrustmaster Elite rudder pedals that works, but after 7 years they are not in the best shape, I’m thinking about building a set on my own using parts from them, but lack of a good shop to do it in, has put a brake on things.

Pedals … well, they just feel better, that’s all :slight_smile: I have a pair of CH Pro (gameport) pedals which I use with my X45 stick. Fortunately FB is very forgiving with the use of pedals and sticks and I don’t have that many problems now that I understand how it all fits together.

Currently saving up for a set of SimPed USB pedals in the hope that I can make them work with the older games that are more fussy about the use of pedals with sticks: such as SAR4 and Vietnam Med Evac. I love these games but, unfortunately won’t work with my current set-up. I find that flying a plane, and especially flying a helicopter just feels plain wrong with a twist stick now.

I highly recommend the investment.

Thanks for replies, think i might look into getting a set.

RoadrunR I use the rudder bar on the X-45 instead of the twisty stick on my MSFF2. I started doing this a long time ago because I found it difficult to precisely get the aircraft in to the position I wanted it. I find now when doing evasive manouvers that require me to use opposite rudder it is much easier since I have a seperate ‘key/controller’ for that.

Now I couldn’t go back to using the twisty stick because it just doesn’t feel ‘right’ as Tango said.


What version of the Simped are you talking about. The ones with the toebrakes are to expensive, but I thought about the Vario USB.

Does Bear use the Simped?