RoF 14/01

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Confirmed unavailable
Tbag (PSU down)
WB (working)

I’m in…

Sorry, working. :frowning:


Count me in :slight_smile:

EDIT: Osprey is ready to fly as well…he has posted in the WWIEAF section of the forums

I’m in thanks Brigs.

Me as well.

Yes I’m in.


Me too! :smiley:

Got you Oz

News on the campaign

We’ve moved from St Marie Cappel to Mont St. Eloi
Whole shebang went there on the last day of August.

We’re settled in now and are on our first sortie from the new base

It’s an interception further down the lines.

Apologies, guys, got stuck at work waiting for documents from the US.

Not to rub it mate but you missed one of the best and our first encounter with Jasta 11 and their very splitarse tripe hound, which we eventually sorted!! Brisfits and Spads got stuck into some Albies and we joined in and at one point there was planes and tracer everywhere!!

Agreed. Cracking mission. It felt like there was a war on. Three separate DF’s going on. Planes all over the shop, many targets and difficult to pick one out.

Thanks Brigs - cant wait for the next one. :slight_smile:

Not to rub it mate but you missed one of the best and our first encounter with Jasta 11 and their very splitarse tripe hound


Who was that was playing tag with a brisfit lol??

That would have been Lt.“Lucky” Keets.

he managed to get down OK, but on the wrong side of the dirt.

At game end we had a roll of the die to determine wether he would make it home or spend the rest of the War behind bars.
High numbers wins and he rolls a 6.

Jammy bastage!

Turned my GFX down and loving it now as its running nice and smoothly just like old il-2. Gutted I missed out, I’ll try and make next monday, in the mean time I’m practicing shooting at things. My call sign appears to be Ryder4! If I can change it to sterling I shall try.

Are there any tips regards response curves for various fighters or is it generally okay to just use the standard linear curve suggested as default? I’ve read about the benefit but is it something that really make a difference like back in IL-2?

Thanks in advance


Hi Matt,
RoF runs really good when you get it right, and its the same with the curves, for diff aircraft: ie the camel needs a nose down attitide from default getting the curves right means your not constantly pushing the nose forward, and tweaking each aircraft means you will get a more personal response that might not suit everyone but it siuts you, a bit like convergance 50 yds or might suit you but 110yds might suit me.

Good to see you back in the saddle:D


Thanks Stevie, I’ll play with them and see what works then.

Also I have found a small problem with using my rudder on the X-45 instead of the Ms precision pro 2; when I check the windows options on the throttle it is perfectly centred with no movement however, in game the rudder for the X-45 is positioned half way to the left along the response curve as standard. Is there any way to centre-all inputs once you start flying so that they are in neutral? Either that or anyone had similar experience with x-45 throttle?

EDIT - Thought I’d fixed it, but apparently not, screaming towards the ground then splat!




Can you take a screenshot so we can see what you mean on the responses tab??

Personally I use a modified S curve for all axes.


Being quite new to rof, I’ve kept to the defaults and got use to flying a few aeroplanes like that. The other day I changed to an S curve for the rudder on the Camel to make it less twitchy but have gone back as I like giving it a bootful quickly to sideslip. So personally I’d stick to the orginals till you get use to it and then adjust if needed.