Rocket modelling

hi guys from few month I was became a rocket man

my website is up, try to see under section photo
The name is B.A.T. 51 it stand for Balistic Aerospace Taranto the 51 is as Area 51 LOL was made on 23-Dic-2006
Resolution for best view is 1280x1024
sorry the site is in Italian but you can also see video and more

you can see photo of: alpha III, Yapatit, AIM 54 C phoenix, Guardian
and two video avaiable for Alpha III

have fun!

Nice Wildcat, do you have any photo’s of Launch?

the AIM 54 is near to finish only paint and decals needed. I want to do it for this weekend, we are waiting Propulsion box other photos coming soon

So when will it launch? :smiley:

Solid fuel engine I suppose?

Oh found video of launch very nice will be waiting for AIM 54 sequence. :smiley: Bout time I learned Italian with my Swedish. :wink:

Nice, Signature Wildcat!

Thanks Osprey

Solid propunsion guys maybe one day we’ll do some experiment

the launch sequence will be near

as we write in the main page: don’t try this at home LOL
only a preview:

more images into the site guys, it is near to finish only 4 line for section needed to draws

Hawk Surface to Air missile

only one photo, the others on site

added photo yapatit and Hawk

Yapatit was airborne

last weekend we have launch 2 rocket, one was lost and one destroyed

we had trouble with dogs and sheeps and wind abount 6 knt LOL

the Alfa III had new propulsion more powerfull it goes very hig, the parachute was open but the wind transport it very far, in direction of the sun and near the sea we lost visal contact and lost it. the rescure was impossible because the terrain was full of dunes, bushes and dogs

the area

the Yapatit: first and last flight for it but fly was start slow he flight for 10 meters in direction of the wind whe it arrive at max alt he reverse of 180 degree and come down with engine on, a litte smoke black and than crash but was beautyfull the video will came soon maybe LOL the cameramen was surprised of flight and dont have done a goood records LOL

in red are sheeps and dogs

the results

video made by Ciccio

Baikonur, Kasakhstan, CCCP? :eek:

Noooo, Taranto, Puglia, Italy!!! :anpeace:

Yuri Gagarin? :rolleyes:
Nooo, Wildcat!!! :smiley:

Alexei Leonov? :confused:
Nooo, Peppe!!! :cool:

Serghey Korolev? :wink:
Nooo, Ciccio!!! :banana:

Astonishing details of launching equpment…:eek:

Seyou remotely monitoring event, much in Politburo Fashion…:roflmao:

Everything in unmistakable Pugliese accent…:rofl:

[b]C’è coousa…'a fin d’o monn!


LOL :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: Great viewing i loved it :smiley: