Resource Bottlnecks

I fell over a tiny but free Microsoft tool today, called Process Explorer (

…and got a funny feeling.

I got a GTX260 with 896MB.

I did a casual test and found something surprising.

CPU: Core 2 Duo 3GHz
HD: Intel X25M SSD

In IL-2 1946 patch 4.11 I use
GPU: 10 %
Dedicated Memory: 645 MB
System GPU Memory: 150 MB
Track: Yesterdays test of team training

Cliffs Off Dover
GPU: 15%
Dedicated Memory: 875 MB
System GPU Memory:400 MB
Track: Black Death

IL-2 hardly use anything
In theory I should have had sufficiant GPU power and dedicated GPU memory to get a lot more out of the card but I do get some minor stutter when I fly over cities :confused:

I Cliffs of Dover it seems that the GPU memory are a major bottleneck :frowning: