Race Map & Plane set

This weekend saturday 4th race details, password in link below.
Happy Training;)
Map is TryAngle (5 Laps)

Plane set

  1. Ki-27 Ko
  2. Ju-87D-3
  3. P-39N-1
  4. Yak-9B
  5. Beaufighter Mk21
  6. Spitfire H.F.MkIXe[/b]

Server Info

Dan I am going to get the next track from the site as I had 5 mins on it be4 the map changed and it is long and hard mate will need lots of practice I think.

So if your up for it I will be on trying it so fill free to come on your self mate and any1 else who wants to see what this racing thing is all about just give me a time and I will have it going.

I will do a full practice evening on friday from 19:00 bud, may see ya for a few hours practice;)

ok mate will i will be getting on and seeing it and how i get on as it is not the 1 i was thinking it to be it looks like he has looked the game now and it looks to be the race night map up now

Team testing day bud, be on about 19:00 ish, we need to sort that first corner out…especially as 16 people will be going through it at the same time;):smiley: