Please step forward Flying Officer Gert

For your enthousiasme and dedicated flying you’re promoted to Flying Officer :slight_smile:

Very well deserved and now bring in those barrels with Belgian beer :smiley:

Duvel for me!!!

well eserved chap!

Congrats Gert! :ani_beer:

Well done Gert :ani_beer:

Tof man!

Well done FO, all this beers are on you?:):ani_beer::anpeace::5eek:



Congratulations Gert, well done

Well done Gert. :w00t:


Congrats mate

Thanks guys,

Well it’s not that hard to be enthousiastic and dedicated with such a great bunch of mates!

Always a pleasure to go online and fly with you:D

EAF rules:anim_slap

Oh yeah,

As for the Belgian beers, I put some in the fridge of the mess. Feel free!

But remember: 8 hours between the bottle and the throttle…


THanks for the beer mate :slight_smile: Well deserved :banana: (yes also the beer but primary your promotion :p)

Congrats Gert!!:ani_beer:

Hmmm, Grimbergen for me please :slight_smile:

Many congrats Gert, well deserved I say!

Bravo! Well done Gert I’ll have a Hoegaarden please :smiley:

Best beer money can buy IMHO but difficult to find in English pubs, my local pub/restaurant just stopped serving it :mad::mad::mad:


Grattis Gert! :slight_smile:

Nepe and Classic know their stuff:D
One Grimbergen and Hoegaarden on the way!

Congrats Gert :slight_smile:

Congrats Gert!:slight_smile:

Well deserved!:smiley: