Pilot's watch

Look at this commercial :smiley:


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Well worth watching (:roflmao: ), despite the throttle yanking.

So, what spit versions was that? A Spit XIV or even higher number (5 bladed prop, long nose, 21?), and a Spit IX (4 bladed prop)? Both clipped wings, hmmm…

I found this one…a Spitfire from 222th Squadron is engraved on the back!

Limited “End of WWII” Edition: 1945 Pieces…

The Spitfires:

Could be a Mk IXC CW (4 blades)

or a Mk XIVE CW (5 blades).

As far as I was able to read them, the markings are AW-T, but I cannot identify it from the list of existng Spitfires:

Hi chaps.

I asked some friends about this and they found out the following:

The two Spitfires are clipped-wing versions of the Mark 14 and 9. The 14 with the 5 bladed prop.

The Mark14e is SM832.
The Mark IXc is ML417

They are flying out of Chino Valley California