Pictures from Cosford 2007

Yes indeed, I’m not dead, Still around though work as ever means I can’t be with you chaps as much as I’d like.

Anyway here’s some pictures for you I took at the weekend

For Camera buffs I’m using a Canon EOS400D with a Canon 75/300mm IS lens

Let the show commence

Nice pictures Phil, I bought a 400D myself, nice camera :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you Phil, and nice pictures. :slight_smile:

VEry Nice picture mate, good shoots

Nice Camera, nice lens and nice pics. I have had the 350D(Predecessor to 400D) for about a year and a half now, very pleased with it. 400’s screen is a big bonus though.

Good motion blur on the props as well.


Great pictures,
I didnt thought the Hurricane is so big! The SPit was a rather big fighter and the Hurri standing behind her looking quite same.
Oh and, the Bücker JUngman is such a niiicce plane :slight_smile:

Actually my feeling is that the Hurricane is slightly larger, or “bulkier”, not necessarily longer or bigger wingspan. I ought to build me a Hurricane model sometime, if I ever get into building models again.