sign here!

This is an illusion Wild …"black gold " is the “mondial law” :rolleyes:

Wonder which one Wild meant?

“Stop the dolphin and whale killings in Taiji” or “RESTITUITE I 15 PUNTI ALLA FIORENTINA” or perhaps “Final Fantasy 13 version for xbox360”?? :smiley:

is for purchase near the gas station the Idrogen tanks

This story about Hydrogen as our future source of automotive energy stinks…:rolleyes:

There is unfortunately a series of technical and economical issues that doesn’t seem will find solution: the most important is that it takes a greater amount of energy to actually produce Hydrogen, than that obtained from its utilization…:wink:

We’ll see…for the moment, I can’t imagine myself in a queue on the motorway, while seated in a car with a half cube meter Hydrogen in the trunk, waiting to be tailgated…:eek:

I’m alreayd prepared to go on pedals…

Has someone ever built an solar-plane?
It can fly above the clouds and always gets sunshine, than fly forever. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I hope that near future will give us some alternatives. That the old way can’t be continued is more than clear.