PC Case

Usually I just describe my PC builds, but this time I’ll give a definite recommendation. If you want a nice looking case at a budget price, this is one of the best I have worked with, and at £29.95 + VAT it is as cheap as all but the real budget boxes.

Enermax CS-527 Case Black (No PSU)

It is a fairly lightweight metal, but rigid with everything fitting together nicely, finished in a high gloss black. Sliding front panels drop down to reveal drive bays and front USB / legacy AC97 sound ports. The clear side panel comes with an 80mm Akasa fan fitted, and there are mountings for a front 120mm and two rear 80mm fans.

My only comment is that there is very little ventilation for the front 120mm fan, and it has to draw air from the opening at the bottom of the front panel - so don’t place the rig directly on a dusty carpet :slight_smile: