Patch news 22 June

From the Banana forum :banana:

Good evening gentlemen!

The patch release date is still “when it’s done” and the current status is still “not done”. Sorry, we’re not releasing anything until we are happy with it.

We are however releasing some more screenshots from the upcoming sequel. This is the Soviet La-5 fighter that appeared in the skies over the Eastern Front in the latter half of 1942.
As always, we’d like to mention that everything you see is Work In Progress.

No change there then :roflmao:
Seems more and more people on various forums are losing the faith and :monky: on 1C.

I’m still waiting for Classic’s review :smiley:


“Im Westen nichts Neues”
(“No news from the wstern front”)
-Erich Maria Remarque

“No news from the Eastern Front”!
:roflmao: :rofl:

Just browsed through the thread on the update.
I get a clear feeling that the the only ones left commenting are critics and they are really behaving badly. The regular defenders seems to have given up.

I think the conclusion is that the public have lost faith in any solution in the near future.

I am looking forward to the sequal of Battle For Mos-cow; “Battle for Midway”.

I think this lad hit the nail on the head (from the latest patch thread)~

Originally Posted by SQB
Guys, please, I am seeing far too many personal attacks (no matter how well wished) for my liking, you guys are risking infractions and bans and, moreover, bringing down the quality of the forums. It’s understandable, and I know it feels like the devs have left us here to fester sometimes, but just hold back on it until we see some work on COD to interrogate

Meanwhile, those of you who tested the beta of DCS BS or Warthog know full well that games take a helluva lot of work to get right, the engine those games used was not new at all, rather an expansion of the old LOMAC engine, and still took at least half a year to get rid of game breaking bugs.

IL2 CloD needed this kind of beta test, but it didn’t happen, so it seems we’re now the beta testers. It’s not a perfect scenario, but that’s how it is. The engine is almost completely new, and as such there are many, many more bugs than would occur just in an upgrade, and the engine needs a ton more work, as is being currently done. Be patient, it’s summertime in the US so you guys should be outside, us winter-folk can find other things to pass the time. And the game is playable (for most) at the moment, even in this half-completed state there are many players on the ATAG and REPKA servers.

So guys, calm down, be patient, if need be take a break from the forum. This engine we have now is incredible in its graphics and physics, consider it as an engine demonstration, I am confident anything built on it in the future (BoM for example) will be fantastic.

I can see/understand the direction of the post, however the comparison with DCS: Warthog is flawed. At the end of the DCS beta, I got a fully working, high end, visually stimulating flight simulator at no further cost.

I didn’t have to purchase another product to have the fixes to deliver what was promised.

This ultimately is why the majority of the flight sim community is up in arms and why their are such emotive feelings towards 1C.

Fortunately, there’s more than enough sims to fly, cars to drive and zombies to shoot to keep me busy and we can only wonder what might have been had Oleg not jumped ship.

Its safe to say this game has been badly implemented, had they this right we would not be having these posts we would all be flying COD. This is the route cause of the non COD flyers frustration, i like many excitedly bought the new sim thinking i had IL2 but improved to find i bought a sim i was unhappy to fly.

Time will tell if this sim ever delivers what it promised, i for one will not be reinvesting in the new additions on the promise of what might be.

10 years in the making and now it is on Beta test.

That is progress for you. :rolleyes:


I think we are all to used to short term project.

Try look at the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter)
and the Danish IC4 trains (sorry page is in Danish .

The IC4 train was ordered in the year 2000, and operation tests have only just begun this year. Way over budget.

The F-35 is extremly late and way over budget.
Which is a big problem for the Danish Airforce because all of their F-16 are at the end of life cycle. Simply said, they are worn and they needs replacement which affect their readyness state and the danes ability to participate in international operations. There have been talks of leasing F-18.
(My source is another danish page (blog)

Time for Denmark to buy some JAS-39’s I would say! :wink:

On the patch, well, we’ll get it when we get it, hopefully before the autumn/winter season of flying starts again (say mid/late august)…

As for battle of Moscow, I’m really not exited, but if they fix COD (that I still enjoy flying!), I’ll probably buy it.