P40 skin for movie

Keets has done a lovely 75 and 76 squadron P40 template and skin for the Milne Bay movie, here’s how it looks just now:

P40 Skin Test

I know Keet’s work, and I know this will be historically accurate. However, I think it would be cool to add the Black Cat onto the white tail. Although this would not be historically correct, it would be a nice feature for the movie.

Does anybody have a good quality image of the Black Cat for Keets to put on?


CHIP! - Please provide Black Cat’s decal to Joe! :slight_smile:


A nice thought indeed, Joe!

Thank you so much for caring, and for your effort in this once more successful production of yours…:ani_beer:

Your welcome, Monstter.

Just rememeber how caring I am tonight, when you have me lined up in your P40 sights :cool:

Keets has finished the P40 skins, these are as historical as possible, except for the Black Cat. It’s a brilliant piece of work by Keets, with his own original template :cool:

RAAF 75 Squadron

RAAF 76 Squadron

wow amazing work!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

well done mate!


Simply astonishing…and your commitment is moving…:w00t:

You really touched our sentimental Itie hearts…:o

It was your bagpipes that moved me, MonsTTer.

But don’t let Keets here the beautiful Scottish music, he just won’t understand. He is a poor English chap :wink:

Of course, Joe…there are things that only us Jappottish & Italaussies can understand…:smiley:


he just won’t understand. He is a poor English chap

Nope, that’s just a noise Joe. You’ll have to try again :wink: