One step forward P/O Kristrof

After some deliberation about your virtual pay rise, Officer Training Unit has agreed to accept you into its ranks as a Training Officer and a fine addition to.

Well done Chris and I’ll have a virtual double. :slight_smile:

congrats kris, well deserved i think

aye! Congratulation F/O Kristrof

Well done Chris, well deserved


Nice one Kris, now get your kite painted yellow and become a target drone like the rest of us. :slight_smile:

Cheers gents.

Yellow ya say?, hmmm, clashes with my favorite frock me thinks

Well done Chris well deserved drinks are on you.

Congratulations Kris…hats off to ya m8ty ~S~

Bung Ho you bounder!! :smiley: About time too.
Looks like I’m the only rebel left!

And a ‘woudey weble’ to-boot old bean

Greatvb stuff, Kris. EAF wouldn’t be what it is without the OTU.

Well done Kris, a splendid addition to the T/O cadre.


Congratulations mate welcome to OTU

Well done mate, its a happy life here at OTU, never admitting when you’re wrong and enforcing your way of doing things onto others :slight_smile:

Glad to have you aboard.

congrats mate


Proficiat Kristorf well done :slight_smile:

congrats kristrof

Nice one Kris, Being a TO gives you a excuse to be shot down for the betterment of the squad:D.

Well done Kris, good to have you as TO :slight_smile:

Welcome to the OTU Kris :slight_smile:

It´s another dimension in online flying, helping others. You will like it :wink: