OFP - time?

Ok, we’ve been talking some about having a go in OPF/OFP.
I say Resistance with 1.96 patch is the version we can hopefully agree on.

Thursday is not an option as it’s a training night, but I’m open for having a go at the rest of the week, meaning friday evening or saturday/sunday. Anyone on?

Yes I’d like to play OFP Mikke. Weekend sounds good.

Friday is good for me.


OFP - Resistance installed and patched upto 1.96, im ready to give this a go :slight_smile:

I say Resistance with 1.96 patch

Wilco Mikke, will install that version

No mods to start with :slight_smile:

Still looking forward to that WW2 mod, must keep an eye on that - sounds perfect


I’m waiting for the NOSIG 1.1 pack before adding any mods. :cool:

Ok, it’s friday and we’re set to go crawl in the mud! Think we’ll use Hiaws TS to link up, not sure wether we should go with XFire or possibly something else (maybe even direct IP?). I’m aiming on going online around 21:00 CET, then we’ll see how many other will join up.

I might have to find some missions to host, but it’s ok with me if someone else want to host instead of course. :slight_smile:

You’ve got a massive porn pipe Mikke and you’re the General so… :slight_smile:

Missions and stuff here



Got missions downloaded and installed, but when I try to host (to test) it will not work. :frowning:

I go to multiplayer, click New, it changes to a almost blank screen with the text “creating client” and after a couple of secs I’m back at looking at available servers (with join, new etc options).

(After testing a little more)
Well, I managed to get a game up and running, but failed to find the missions, thin I need to look into that…

Ok, I’ll put up the server as soon as I’ve written this post.

I think it’ll be easiest to find it by IP:
I’ll put a pw on it: eaf

If no-one has joined in a hour or so, I’ll go do something else. :slight_smile:

Good fun, new mission next time! :smiley:

Was very nice to play OFP online, I thought we might have more lag and was suprised when it ran well :slight_smile:

Next time I will try to follow the orders better, maybe that will make me stay alive :wink:


He he, maybe. :slight_smile:

As I was the host I didn’t notice any lag at all, but I have a feeling things have improved since last I tried it online. Big part might be that pings was much better now then 2 or 3 years ago.

It was more tense than intense to me. Might be the lack of experience. I like this better than running around and respawning every 3 minutes in games like Mohaa. Got only one officer in the village and the two guards near the tents. I really need a scope to see at that distance.

Is the sniper rifle a full power rifle (in 7,62 mm), comparing it to the M-16 (reduced power in 5,xx mm)? The AI sniper was quite trigger happy at long distances. Good for us.

And drop the hand grenades Mikke!

Hey! Wasn’t me throwing handgrenades around! I don’t think I used them even once. :slight_smile:

The M21 that me and the AI sniper was using is a 7.62 rifle (a sniper version of the M-14), with zoom on the scope as well (that you also use to set distance with in OFP), I was getting hits pretty reliably out as far as we could see from the village. The happy shouts that could be heard from me occationally was when I was scoring good hits on running russkies just as they came over the ridge. :cool: :sniper:

OFP is far more realistic then MOHAA (the little I have played it), I view OFP as a sim more then a shoot’em up. CoD is somewhere in between IMO, still realistic enough to be fun (and might even be more realistic when it comes to CQB). But despite graphics OFP is my favourite (and I don’t think graphics is all that bad in OFP, it works).

Exactly Mikke, couldn’t agree more about OFP :slight_smile:

So whens our next bash going to be?


Meako reporting for duty

Installed and patched to 1.96

Ready to move out and kick some ***.