Offline for a while

Just to let you all know that I will not be online for a while.

Moving house tomorrow, so I will have to get a new phone line and then sell my soul to another dodgy ISP.

Happy flying, and I guess I’ll be ‘submerged’ offline until I get back, desparate for a DF fix :slight_smile:

That’s a pity Joe,

Hope you are back online soon :cool:

Good luck with the move and see you back soon :slight_smile:

Ye, goodluck with the move Joe and will see you back here when your done.


Good luck with the move Joe!

See you soon mate


Good luck !

Good luck! Hope you get settled in soon. :slight_smile:


Finaly back in the land of the living (virtually).

Had to go with the evil ntl cable. I did phone Bastard Telecoms since I wanted the 256k upload as opposed to cable’s 128k but as the house was previously on ntl then the earliest I could get a connection was fecking 5 weeks!!! I only have a 6 month lease for fecks sake :mad:

Catch you all in the skies soon hopefully :slight_smile:

Customer satisfaction
“Our passion for customers is at the heart of everything we do”.

Ben Verwaayen, BT Chief Executive, Annual Review & Summary Financial Statement 2004

Apart from an obvious sense of humour, this man clearly has his pulse on the fast pace of modern technology…

“Changes in technology are leading to changes in people’s behaviour. People are, for example, spending more time on the internet and sending information by email, where once they would have used the phone or fax”.

Ha! George Orwell, eat your heart out!


My emails to him bounced

The guy in the shot :slight_smile:


Good to see you back Joe - just hope to fly with you soon too :wink: